Social security being cancelled

I was receiving my medical through social security since 2010 and I got a letter in the mail saying it would be stopped next month because I worked too much and went over the amount. I was wondering if it is possible to fight to to regain it? I also just got a phone call earlier from a law office but they cannot help since they only deal with cases to get approved in the first place. Any ideas on what I should do next? I live in southern California.

Deagles, you may want to start here to explore options:

Funny thing is I was just on this website right now trying to log. What I'm worried about is that if social security doesn't cover me no more. Am I going to be looked upon as not being disabled because of that?

I can't answer that, I'm afraid. Try the Social Security Law Group for clarification -- they are a national firm dealing with disability. They should be able to answer that, even without a consultation.

Thank you for the information Dancermom.

Deagles, did you stop to think for a moment that this is a positive sign? Your AVM is obliterated, and you can work. You mentioned in your four year anniversary post that you’ve recovered. Take that ball and run with it, young man!! :wink:

This is true Tim. I actually spoke with my wife about this. I came to a decision on not to per sue this any longer. I might not be 100% physically better, but I think It’s time to not think of myself as being disabled and I should move forward. I will be getting a gym membership to work my weaker parts of my body and to try to run again. I will push myself the best I can. carefully of course since I was told that once I have a bleed like that there is always a small chance of it happening again even after the gamma knife. I will keep you guys posted about my progress and hopefully put a link down of me running again lol :slight_smile: Thank you all for the support!!

Good for you, Deagles! I’ll be rooting for you, and I’m sure many other members will be rooting for you, too! I know that many of us dream of getting back to a life before the AVM struck, and you’ve taken a huge step in that direction, my friend.