Social Security Benefits

I applied for SS disability benefits and was turned down by Social Security because I said I had a cognitive disability,seizures,mini strokes and epilepsy. Their reply was “Despite the pain and discomfort you are currently experiencing, you are able to move about and use your arms, legs, hands and back perform my seizures are not frequent or severe enough to be considered disabling under their rules. Although you have some mental problems, you are able to think, communicate,act in your own interest and pursue your usual activities. Therefore your claim has been denied because you are not disabled or blind under our rules.”

My attorney has filed an appeal, but she just admited to me yesterday that she didn’t have a clue what an AVM is and how radiosurgy has affected my cognitive thinking.

Has any of you won a disability case with Social Security and if so, what did you use for a defense?

Please help if you can.

I’m sorry SS wont help you, I’ve never been in those shoes, but I have family who has. Basicaly you can’t get dissability unless your bed ridden, mintaly retarted, or or very good at minipulating the system. I only know because my mother’s on it for obisity and depression, which is a load of crud. But my aunt who has a lung condition and is only expected to live 10 years is still fighting for it. Best of luck to you.


Thanks for your understanding of my frustration with the government.


I have a sister-in-law who receives disability for depression, vertigo, headaches. She is able to drive and function normal activities. She has no clinical diagnosis. I was also going to file a claim since I have had so many problems in the past four or more years. I feel that I am in for a fight too. I would keep fighting it! I could no longer function in my job because of vertigo, headaches, seizures, vision loss and problems comprehending things among other things and it forced me to resign. What does your doctor say? My Neurologist is behind me all the way though I know it will take more than just his records.

I was originally turned downed. Then I went to see a lawyer who specializes in social security cases. He did tell me that SS automatically turns you down if you’re under 50 without really looking well into the case! He also told me that it wouldn’t hurt to ask our senator and congressional representative to help move the hearing date up. On the day of my hearing, I felt pretty crappy, and I guess it showed, so I’m sure that probably helped my cause! lol My physicians wrote really good letters on my behalf. Thankfully,I did start receiving disability about a year ago.

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Mary: I am recovering fom a crainotmy that left me vision impared, I lost my job, my home both my cars and am now without insurance since I just sent my last $3,00 COBRA payment. Let me tell you my friend, the government dosen’t care. I applied for Social Security Disability in October of 2006, I have been denied 3 times. Now with the help of Ohio Congressman Pat Tiberri my account has been "flagged as having congressional interest. They still haven’t budged. I have a law firm trying to get resolution for me. (They will get 2/3 of what ever I am awarded. I feel your pain. After paying into the Social Security Trust for over 50-years, nadda, zip, nothing. I think that they are more orried about payiing out “our” money to illegals that haven’t worked a day in our country. Our “trusted” elected officials continue to rape our Social Security of hard working americans retirement fund. I have an aquaintence who attempted suicide by shooting herself between the eyes, she lived of course. But, she somehow was able to qualify for SSI with healthcare through Medicade. Nothing makes sense anymore. I am told that I will get approval from Judicial review. I was also told that it could be another 2-years before that happens due to backlogs. I am not going to give up. needless to say I have no use for our socialist congress buying votes by providing our “trust” money to unworthy aliens and victims of their own bad choices. Keep fighting, we will get what is coming to us sooner or later. It will be about 2-years late for me to save everything I have worked for all of my life. It is all gone. But, I am richly blessed. I am alive and fighting back. and like Scarlett Butler(“I will never be poor Again!”) God Bless you, Dear, Mike O’Brien

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Mike, I thought that lawwyers were only allowed to take 1/3 plus expenses. What you are going through is terrible! Also, once you are approved, you are entitled to back payments from the time you applied and were eligible.

Connie: I have been surviving on privately purchased long term disability. My insurrer will receive everything that they have paid me back directly frrom the award. The only way we have been able to buy food was with this private insurance. Otherwise we woulod have perrished. My friends, coworkers and family have liberally supported me. It is kinda hard becoming a charity case. But, I have been so blessed. …MikeO


Disability, what a joke. A new department was added to the Atlanta SS office to help with the backlog. This new department is now 6 months back-loaded.

I better start practicing the words to “Do the jerk baby, shake it on out”,

Keep up the appeals, Mary. they automatically deny you without much thought at all. Have you been to an industrial psychologist? They can put you through a battery of tests that determine your current cognitive state. I did this and it helped with the private disability (which they had denied).

My partner had had SSA disability for another reason, but it took him over a year to get SSA to accept his case and reverse the denial. I would think there are dozens of disability attorneys in Atlanta that can help?


Atlanta is a great place to live, but it is listed as the worse State for getting Social Security. It normally takes 3-4 years to be approved and if you are one of the lucky one your first check can be expected in about 6 months after being approved. It took my cousin 6 years to get SS and he is severely handicapped from open skull operation as a result of a blead from an anuraism.

I first started the process after I had 3 of my doctors suggest that I should apply since I was not cognatively able to have a job.

My doctors have written some great letters, filled out forms, supplied records and do what ever they can. I have gone through the 8 hour neuropsychiatric evaluation. I have been in cognitive rehabilitation for 24 months.

My lawyers have never had a client with cognative problems after radiosurgery for an AVM. They don’t even know what an AVM is, but their replies to my many phone calls is to be patient.

I am on SSI and was denied 2 times. I won after appealing 1 1/2 years later AFTER my AVM surgery and the toughest hurdle for me to overcome was that I had 3 years of college at the time of the filing, and thus was educated and they felt I was capable of working so any physical disabilities simply did not matter. You can not navigate this system without an attorney in my opinion.

Irene, i hear you I always feel like a fraud as look normal to outsiders, and I’ve got a tan so that defo doesn’t help!


Thanks so much for sharing, my husband has also passed away because he needed a heart transplant. I was working 3 jobs just to make ends meet and it still wasn’t enough. After a year of this I told my husband that I just couldn’t do it any more and we didn’t have the money for the transplant even though SS would be paying 80%, the other 20% was out of reach. He passed away the next month.

I will be turning 58 on September 11, (Not a good day to have a birthday) maybe SS is waiting until I am at least 63 before they approve my claim.

I also went through the psycho test you are referring to and I know exactly what you mean when you said it was grueling. At 6:00 pm when my test was completed, my friend picked me up from the rehab center to spend a relaxing weekend at the beach. it was exactly what I needed. Maybe you can take a mini vacation also.

Even though your disability is not visible, be thankful you don’t have people staring and pointing at you.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars”
~Og Mandino~

When I was in the hospital a few weeks ago, it was necessary to have my head shaved. I cried for most of the day about loosing my hair. My disability was showing!!!

Once I was released from the hospital, instead of hiding my head, I made the decision to turn peoples head and have them look at me by sprinkling glitter in the peach fuzz that has started to grow back.

“I’m not crazy, just a little unwell”


I feel your pain. I have taken a number of post graduate classes and had a
good paying job. It does seem as though the more you have accomplished the more the government penalizes you. I have an attorney and I need to give her some reasons I can’t work other than I am cognitively impaired, have eplipisy and can’t seem to remember what day it is.


i know what your going threw i am a veteran of the armed forces. it has been proven that i had at least 1 seizure (but 3 to my knowledge…was told by the navy doctors i was dehydrated what a joke) now the military and the us government told me to find a corner and die. I’m homeless now (thank god i have family) and my doctors have told me i can not return to work… so I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place myself

Wow, when I had my last seizure I busted up my face when I fell to the floor. I was sent to the ER and the doctor there said I was "just dehydrated" too!!! So it's not just the Navy docs! PS thanks for serving!