Some clarifications

hello again… i just wanna clarify something. uhm, just the other night, i asked my mom regarding my avm. i just need to know if my avm’s obliterated or not. she told me that the avm near the brainstem did rapture, created blood clot in the brain yet was treated with the angiogram procedure. furthermore, she stated that the avm is still there thus that explains and it’s clearer to me now why they have been overprotective with me and have been anxious about my health. that also explains why they have been hesitant to send me to school again…

the things everyone shared to me in the previous topic i posted helped me a lot to explain to my family that an erupted avm cannot keep me from moving on, living my life and enjoying it while surviving and coping with avm. actually, i had it printed and let everyone read the things you shared… again, thank you very much… God bless you!

Hi Jenirose,

I suggest you get set up with a neurologist where ever you are going.

If it will make your family more comfortable maybe you should get a medic alert bracelet.


Definitely talk to your doctor and read up on the internet about this so you know what questions to ask. Here’s what happened to me: my AVM ruptured, the blood clot cleared up and I recovered, but the AVM was still there and at higher risk for rupturing again until it was removed. To remove it required either surgery or radiation. Surgery is invasive but immediate. Radiation is non-invasive but takes 2-3 years to take effect. I chose radiation and 2 years later am AVM free.

It sounds like you’re out of immediate danger but not completely out of danger. You still are at-risk until it’s treated. Keep reading, talking to people here, so you’re well-informed during your next appointment. Best of luck. Hang in there.

Your mom will feel better if you do two things in the meantime.

  1. get a medic alert
  2. always know where the nearest ER is (just in case)