SOmething strange

You know what is strange - news about AVM and aneurysm in my brain turned my life, my way of thinking upside down…I think in a better way…more time for myself, more time my five-year old son. There is nothing what is more important - my family and me.
I cannot wait for official news AVM and aneurysm free.
I believe soon:)

Not strange Magsw and can certainly relate to your new/better way of thinking :)))!

Me too! Now that my irritable right brain is silenced Life is, how can I say, much more Zen :slight_smile: I was always hustling around before all for nothing, the whole grass is always greener obsession. Now that the right brain has clocked - out I am much more at peace! Who needed all that yakety-yack anyway?!! I should make a tshirt for myself something about ‘Left is Zen’ or ‘Left is Right’! This is my new way of thinking, or dancing in the rain! Long story short:I agree,

My thoughts and prayers will be that you tell us that you have now AVM and aneurysm Free! Keep the Faith!

See Michele…You were lucky you have always valued everything in my life. I have needed AVM and aneurysm smack to revaluate my life. Anyway I wass pissed yesterday as in old times. My cellar was robbed two times during last four days…I wish I could kill thief like in some US states when somebody go onto my possesion! I am so angry.

Yeah, let’s stay in Zen:)

thanks, I will be keeping you too in my prayers:)

Magsw I applaud you for seeing the positive in all this and whats really important relatively early. Good luck on this journey and know you have a lot of friends here (including myself) on this site. :slight_smile:

I also learned that life is to enjoy, and live life likes there’s no tomorrow. It is like you were born again and had a second chance. To enjoy life…