Sorry I haven't been on here for a while :)

Hi, Kay, hopefully great things were going on, and you were too busy enjoying them to visit. We have a new frontal lobe avms group you may wish to join:

I'm replying to my own discussion as I didn't actually write anything... Not that I'm an idiot or anything??? I'm sorry I've not been on here for a while but aside from the headaches which are lessoning, I've had severe depression (A genetic thing, nothing to do with my craniotomy) I cannot have the meds I need as they would interfere with my anti-fit (which luckily I haven't had... yet, touch wood)and other meds. So I'm stuck with tranquillizer's, which don't help with the clinical depression but do make me feel calmer. I am now 10 months most op.and things are pretty much improving. Still saying inappropriate things but I'm getting more used to it now and my "shame" has lessoned, as I can honestly say "It's down to my op. and I can't help it!" before apologising of course. Thank the Lord for spell check by the way. There is hope at the end of the tunnel, I am making progress, not as quickly as I'd like but never the less, progress. I'm sure without my depression I would be further on but that's what my message today is all about. My hairs growing back, again slower than I'd like but hay ho! My headaches are less as are my fears of anything else going wrong in my head. So, I'm hoping my message is above all positive but I would say "give yourself time to recover" and "forgive yourself for your mistakes" because that's all they are, not the calamities you think they are. Be kind to yourself, rest when your body tells you too and remember... None of this was your choice, it's just life! Take care of yourselves, Kindest regards, Kay x