Spinal AVMs stroke and the pain

After my spinal AVMs stroke at t-6 and t-7…the pain feels like the worst pain in the world. Worse than giving birth. From the second I had my stroke the pain was a 10. My pain was on my right side of my rib area. During surgery they removed two ribs to rebuild my spinal cord after a failed AVM removal. That’s where my pain is. The pain is so intense and nonstop. Clothes hurt and no bras could even be worn. I just want the pain to get better. I’ve had over 300 steroid injections from the neck to the spine to hips to back of the head and tailbone. Finally I realized they were trying to kill me. Osteoporosis at 35 years old!!!:grimacing: Those steroids will kill and the pain pills. I stopped taking any pain meds 11 years ago. Still the same pain for 25 strait years and no Dr can explain and most don’t understand. I’ve seen the top Drs years ago and they said you are inoperable. There is nothing more we can do. I just wanted the pain gone. Learning to walk and write and do everything again was easy…except I was in so much pain to do the physical therapy because I cried and shook. I’m now on peptides that have been literally giving my strength back more than I ever had. It’s called BPC-157. This heals bones, ligaments, tendons,muscle. It helps you get stronger a little faster. Anyway if anyone had pain that never stopped and figured out what to do that would be amazing.