Spoke with my Doc today

My doctor is concerned about operating on my asymptomatic and so far unruptured AVM located in my right parietal lobe. As he puts it “you look so good now” he doesn’t want to operate to remove it and cause a deficit because of the operation. Based on the size of the AVM as well as this nice vein it drains into that is apparently larger he feels that my risk of having a bleed is low.

I am going in for a functional MRI in September and he called me today as he wants me to go see a neuropsychologist for testing to determine if i have any deficits that may be related to my right parietal lobe.

We are also going to speak with the doctor that does radiosyrgery at the end of September to see if he feels i am a candidate.

Lindsay I would seek at least one other opinion, if not several more. It's always good to know all of your options. Make sure the neurosurgeon is very experienced in treating AVMs.

Hi Trish!

We plan on getting some additional opinions after the testing is done and after we speak with him and the doc that does radiosurgery.

He and his team are the second set of neurosurgeons I have seen since I had my bleed actually. They sent me over to him because they felt my issue was more complex. He does a lot of AVM and aneurysm surgeries and I really do appreciate the fact that he wants to do testing to see where I have deficits if any before jumping in to operate.