Does anyone know how ssi handles this type of condition, and also is anyone aware of any scholorships for this condition as well?

Im not sure, but if you come across a scholorship program,please let me know:) thank you!!

Hey go to it tell you a lot about ssi. I was not really sure what it was exactly…my husband and I applied for it but just got the disability part because he made to much money. lol they dont take into account that when I had surgery that I didnt have insurance tho. lol. I will try to do some research to see if there are any scholarships out there. But for me I know that it is going to take a LONG time before I feel even up to going back to school. I can’t believe it has already been 21 months since my first surgery and I am still having an awful time with EVERYTHING!!! Wish it was easier on all of us!!!

Hi, Stacee-
You can get disability from SSI, but it takes forever, so be ready. I’m talking months. The issue is that, if you can do virtually anything, even if its not how you used to make money, they won’t pay it. So, if you were a scientist but can still flip burgers, they may say you aren’t eligbile. You may need an SSI attorney to help.

Overwhelm them with documentation: pictures, charts, doctor’s notes, therapist notes, observations by you & family members. The more you send the more likely you are to get the benefit.

Do you have diability insurance at work? If so, you’re more likely to get that than SSI.

I’m not aware of any scholarships specific to AVMs, but there are scholarships based on limited income or disability. The financiail aid office at whatever college you are interested in is a great resource.

Let us know what you find out.

Yes there is a contribution grant in which we can get in order to go to colege… Where they pay 60% and you only pay 30%. Of the whole cost of education. Let me go home and find out about it or ask my mother tonight.

The SSI in this nation is a joke. Along with the medical profession in this country. They do not list our problem as having a stroke. It is just a bleed in the brain. Which is what? A stroke. But Australia honors the AVM as being a stroke. Which really erks me. But you know how that … goes… So ah well I will try to send you the information like tomorrow.

thanks for info let me know about grant it will really help

no i didn’t have disabilty insurance and i was asked by ssa for numerous documentation whats funny to me is that they don’t atleast temporarily allow for you to heal and get better atleast it would increase the likelyhood of no complications which would mean getting back into work and staying there and how can they wanna take my license for blindness yet not give assistance

thanks i’ll check into it, i know it want be soon but atleast school gives me something to look forward to

i know the implications of the social security office.