Stay positive!

Hey everyone. After finding out by chance I had an AVM in the left parietal side of my brainI was terrified. Embolisation left me with epilepsy and a second attempt was unsuccessful.In October 2009 i had radiation which left me paralysed down right side. I can walk now but with a limp but my arm has limited function. It won’t ever be ‘normal’ again. I can no longer do the jobI loved as a carer for elderly but somehow I’ve remained positive through it all. I have the attitude thatThere are always people worse off than me an u just got to carry on living. While awaiting results to see If radiation had worked I honestly didn’t think avm had gone. A few weeks ago I got the wonderful news that I am AVM free!!! So whether ur at the start of your AVM journey or near the end, don’t give up hope and keep smiling xx

Congratulations, Derra!!! Yehhhh you are AVM Free! You are right...staying positive is very important!

so glad to hear you are AVM free! I think you're message is so true. When I was first recovering, I put a picture of a wheelchair because I was walking after a month or so, but not well. Put it on my fridge to constantly remind me that it could be harder (and had been) when I began the first weeks in a chair. I would also think of how much harder something like ALS (lou gherig's) would be, and if I had that, I'd look at what I had as being so much better. As you say, being positive and grateful is a good way to keep smiling.

blessings, loved your post!!!

Wow Derra, you are so courageous and admirable! Thanks for the encouragement!!

Great news Derra. And your positivity has always shone through. Isn't it great to say 'AVM Free'. Its wonderful having survivors like you, on this site. Tone

Thanks a lot Louisa. Still not used to saying avm free! Best words ever. Have a lovely christmas

It’s true sharyn I was same when I was in a chair. Gave me a small understanding of what it’s like and how hard it is for people in wheelchairs to get around out and about. Thank you for your comment. Merry Christmas

Your are so welcome madeline.I know how reading other peoples stories helped me with mine. Merry Christmas

Thank you jim. I hadn’t considered myself a vety positive person before. It’s amazing how that can all change

It’s wonderful tony thanks. I cried like a baby with my mum when I found out. I’ve had so many good wishes from people. I hadn’t realised what a heavy load I was carrying until I was free from it.

Glad to hear you are AVM free. You have been through a lot, you have a very good attitude stay positive and God bless.

Hi Derra - I'm AVM-free as well, and I agree with you on the pma - positive mental attitude. It's easy to get discouraged and whatever, but I think a positive mindset helps no matter the issue.

I just LOVE the words AVM Free! Never give up hope that your arm motion will come back. Sometimes it takes the brain a few years to figure out how to make new pathways. In the meantime…your positive attitude will help you!!!

What amazing strengh you have shown and you've given me and so many others continued hope and I thank you for sharing Derra!!! AVM-FREE for Christmas and the New Year - YAYYYYYYY for Derra!!!!!