Stiff neck

Has anyone experienced a stiff neck as a symptom when you’ve had a bleed from an AVM located on the brainstem?

Have you reported this symptom to your doctor, Julie? Sometimes a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid can cause a stiff neck. Please get in touch with your doctor, and keep us posted.

I would like to ask you a few questions. Mine is brainstem/hypothalumus. In a few months I have to make a decision on a second radaition treatment or just leave alone. If you could please email me at radainastubbs@yahoo
I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Dancermom, that’s something I hadn’t considered. I had a stomach virus and became very dehydrated. I’m now all better except for this stiff neck. I’ll call the doc. I don’t know why I try to avoid it, just hate to always run to get a scan over every little thing. I will report back.


There is a sub-group that could provide you with more information....Check it out and send them a message:

Oh yes. Very much so :) Stiff and painful. I also had a hard time keeping my head up because my neck was weak. Since my surgery I automatically look up a bit because that is what is "naturally comfortable" for my neck, and it makes me look like a very snobby person. hahahaha