Still alive

well after my avm bleed last year. I am now in the all clear :slight_smile: they told me it was all gone and that my shunt might be able to come out aswell so i can start to get back to my old life. Still finding things really hard to do. Everything just keeps getting me down. Nothing for me is going rite :frowning: the thing getting me down most is that since the meningitis i had when i was in hospital i lost so much weight and i had to put it some back on and since that i have so many stretch marks because of it that has stopped me doing so many things i would really like to do and on top of that the after care from the hospital is CRAP!. Iv had no help at all. Things i could of got help with like money and that i find out its to late for me to get anything because iv left it so long when i dident even know about any of it. There are so many people out there that get money for things that arnt even rong with them and people like me and like mostly everone els on this cant get that kind of help with things. Its not rite and something needs to be done about it.

Yes I agree. So many people out there are (supposedly) taking advantage of the system and giving it a bad name and it leaves the people who really DO need it, out in the cold wondering if they should declare bankruptcy now ir wait for more bills…

I was told WAY after the fact, that I could have applied for charity care for my hospital stay, but had to request it at some point. But I was in too much pain and too doped up to even know about it or even CARE about a bill. When they are telling you it’s emergency brain surgery and the doctors say things like “We don’t consider cost at all when deciding on care. If we can do it, we do it”. Well that’s great, but…

And then the hospital had an attitude with me when I couldn’t whip out my check book and pay a $60,000 deposit right there on the spot!

We NEED universal single payer healthcare in the US. Who advocates for the sick and injured who don’t have family members nearby (or those who don’t have any family at all)? How can a person who just had an illness or surgery sit on the phone negotiating a bill? And when a hospital double bills you or wrongly bills you, how are you supposed to know?? Especially if it’s a brain thing?!

Hang in there, I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. At least you have been given the “all clear”!

Yes ur rite. I would love to know how these people just blag the system by saying something is rong with them when there is nothing. This is why i find it funny that the news people say that Britain has the highest depression cases,…
I just dont understand that people can’t see that there is nothing with most people. Just gose the show that there is something really rong with this country.

Hi Karl. As long as you are alive there is hope for a better tomorrow! I will be praying for you!

So glad you’ve been given a clean bill of health - that’s wonderful! Congratulations!

I really hope you start to feel better soon - it sounds like you’ve had a terribly rough time. Can your family or friends help at all - if not with finance, then at least with getting you back on your feet and offering emotional support?

Do keep us updated on how you’re doing! Best wishes, and take care. x