Chari used to get rapid onset, intense headaches that usually lasted only a few seconds to a few minutes. Can’t say that they were the cause or result of the AVM or embos.

I would suggest you call your neuro and see if they want to check anything. Or at least to let them know what is going on.

Best Wishes,
Ron, KS

Hi there,
I know the exact feeling and I have just had my poxy AVM removed, my surgeon has told me to simply give things time to heal.
I also get a flash of light at any time which atleast isn’t painful just annoying.

I’ve got another appointment shortly and will be asking for answers, and will let you know if he comes up with any good reasons.


I agree with Ron…ou need to call your dr…they need to be updated with ANY changes… keep us posted. xoxo Mare

I have the same thing going on right now and don’t know why! I do plan on finding out though. Only diference is my avm is still active.

My son has the same thing going on, too, except that his AVM is active. It can’t hurt to call your doctor!

I have a dura AV fistula, and I get what I call “lightening headaches” which is a sharp pain in the area of the fistula that only lasts a second or so. My neurologist call them “ice pick” headaches. I also get a pulsating noise that sometimes sounds like the mating call of the cicada, which is in time with my heartbeat.

I just had the gamma knife procedure done three weeks ago. This is after three embolizations over two years.

Dewdo from the other Washington.