Strange heat in back of neck and spine

hello my fellow survivors
i have a avm which is ready to be treated soon (embolisation). but recently i experienced something like a heat in the back of my neck and spine which is worrying me a lot apart from the fear of the embolisation. it feels like the back is burning even though it doesnt feel warm at all. i do not know if this heat can be related to my avm in the head but i happen to notice it a few weeks later my unruptured avm was discovered. or maybe i just payed more attention?! i already talked to a doc about(no amswer) it but i guess ill have to talk to the doctor doing the embolisation. still im wondering if anybody experienced something like that? im really starting fearing my own body because so many things seem strangeā€¦so maybe somebod has an idea about it. wish a blessed week full of courage and energy.take care everybody