Subconjuctival hemorrhage (red blood spots on eyeball)

Hi everyone, sorry I have not posted for a while because everything seemed to be going ok since my last gk treament in April but since April I have had 3 separate occurances of subconjuctival hemorrhages in my right eye (my avm is in my right cerebellum). They are completely painless ( but look strange ) but I’m a little concerned as to why these are happening. They happen overnight and i do struggle sometimes with pressure in my head just when I first lay down. After 10 mins or so of laying down the pressure subsides but im wondering if these hemorrhages are being cased by this short period of pressure? I’m going to go for an eye exam anyway as I feel that my vision in this eye is slowly deteriorating but wondered if anyone else has had anything similar?

Hi Caroline! I haven’t had anything similar occur since bleed and gamma but did prior on one occasion. Mine occurred during a hockey game and didn’t eve know it occurred until a team mate pointed it out. Certainly would be worth looking in to, three times seems a little more than happenstance. Take Care, John