Subscribe to "Neurology Now" for free and raise AVM awareness

I wanted to let you all know that you can subscribe FOR FREE to Neurology Now, a bi-monthly magazine for neurology patients, their families and caregivers.

If enough of us sign up and write a letter to the editor, it will increase the chance for an AVM article, raising AVM awareness in a big way.

For more info, see

For a complimentary subscription, click here.

I’ve subscribed for the past year and always found it interesting reading. Let’s give AVM awareness another boost!!

This is a great idea!

How can we coordinate this effort so that we get everyone on board and to subscribe? Should each new subscriber write a letter? Have a standard template that they can download to sign and mail (which would include info) Or maybe we write a letter once we have X amt of subscribers (100,200…500???) and then add everyone’s name as a signature?

Really, this seems like a great way to raise awareness and to be featured in their magazine. Great job!

Now let’s make it work!!!

Hi avmgirl,

Not only did I ask the magazine to publish an article concerning AVMs, but I also asked that AVMs be included in the Browse Symptoms section of their webpage. Best of luck with this campaign.


Great idea! Thanks for making us aware of this.

I signed up… Thanks for the info!

Wonderful idea thanks for sharing, will do it today!

thanks, I’ve subscribed. The website looks really interesting.

Thanks for this! I just subscribed!

I got my first issue of this today and it is SO interesting and has some great articles. Thanks for posting this. It originally said it was only good in the US but I did receive it in Canada.