Surgery for my 1st avm is tommorw, Blake

Wanted to thank everyone for the good thoughts and help preparing me for the surgery my friend Derrick is gonna keep you updated so I hope to talk to you all soon. Thanks for being there for me.Take care

I know you’re scared, but everything is going to turn out just fine. Please tell Derrick to keep us updated while you are away from the computer. Stay strong!

all the best… you are in my prayers and thoughts…go in there positive and all will be fine

I wish you well, Blake.

Andrew and I will be thinking about you. If I was still in Phoenix I would have come over to the hospital to give your mom some support. Hang in there. Just think of Andy, one week post-op today and he’s already flown home. You can do this.


Good luck Blake, I will be thinking and praying for you.


Blake,you know im praying for you and cant wait for you to come back on and let us know your ok,i just said a pray and will comtinue till you are back on ,we look forward to hearing from Derrick as well,all will turn out great,and talk very soon,Caroline

You are probably in surgery now, or better yet in recovery from it!!! Hope everything goes well today.


Hi Blake. Onwards and upwards.

Keep going till ya
get there.

Best of luck with the operation and recovery - speak to you soon.

I’m praying for you:)


hi blake, im am constantly thinking of you…


Good Luck on your surgery Blake, I really hope all goes well.