Hi everyone,

Tomorrow I am scheduled for cross-nerve graft surgery at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital with Dr. Hadlock. This is (hopefully) the last of the major steps I am taking in the return from a stroke I had in Apr. 2008, which occurred after my AVM hemorrhaged. I have been fortunate in that I didn’t suffer any limb paralysis, however I did suffer facial paralysis on my right side. Tomorrow’s operation (hopefully) will bring back some animation to that side of my face. I’ve been told it takes six months to a year for nerves to come back, but tomorrow is a start.

I want to thank all of you on the AVM network for the support you have all provided for me (and others) over this last year. Although I have had great family support, there is nothing like speaking (er, emailing) somebody who understands and has gone through the same experiences.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


Good luck Mike! I just read an article recently about a woman who had facial nerve damage due to an brain hemorrage from an AVM, and had some type of surgery to help fix. Sounds just like what you are about to undergo. I’ll have to see if I can dig it up for you later tonight so you can read it!

I hope that it all goes well and that within the next year you will be just as animated as a cartoon!


I will cross my fingers and hopefully the surgery will be and do everything you are hoping for.
Take care and let us know how you are doing

Best wishes, Mike!


hope everything goes well Mike.

hope all goes (or went) well today Mike and you have a good result!