Suspected uterine AVM after miscarriage and D&C

Hi there, wondering if anyone can shed any light on my current situation.

I got pregnant via ivf in early September, but lost it at 7 weeks. Had a D&C this Wednesday and during the procedure I started bleeding excessively - lost 200ml of blood. My doctor put in a foley balloon to stop the bleeding and I was rushed to hospital. Luckily the foley balloon did it’s job and I had it removed 24 hrs later (yesterday). Only pink discharge since. However, on ultrasound after removing the balloon, my RE said she thought it looked like a uterine AVM and proceeded to tell me it may be too dangerous to conceive in the future because of it.

Obviously I want to have this suspected diagnosis confirmed but she’s insisting I wait 6 weeks before an MRI to allow my uterus to heal from the miscarriage. 6 weeks feels like an eternity.

I’m attaching my colour doppler ultrasound incase any of you have seen something similar? Does this look like an AVM? Apparently the black masses (blood) measure 13mm at widest point but the color doppler doesn’t show blood flow through it, only around. It is only 2 days post d&c however so maybe this will increase over time?

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!

I’m in San Francisco btw, in case anyone has doctor recommendations :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!


Welcome to our group. We have a lot of varied experiences here so I think folks from our Pelvic/Uterine group will pass along some of their experiences and knowledge. I had a brain AVM. Mine was positively identified through angiogram following CT scan. Mine scans were all done initially when I was in the hospital. The CT showed the blood, they identified the AVM though the angio. I went back about 6-7 weeks after release for an MRI as they wanted the blood/clots to clear for a better view. A couple weeks after that a second angio and then Gamma knife scheduled. I know the blood pooling and clotting they felt would take a while to clear naturally, which it had at the time of MRI. I’m not sure if similar for the uterus but seems possible as they would like to get the best and most reliable look possible. Take Care, John.

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I’m in the UK and have no light to shed. I just wanted to say I’m so sorry you miscarried and hope someone comes along with information you find helpful.

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Just thought I’d post this incase anyone else finds it helpful - I ended up buying an obgyn sonography textbook, it has a chapter on uterine AVMs or EMVs as they are sometimes now called apparently. The chapter does help reassure me a bit - if anyone wants it lmk and I can copy the chapter pages for you.


I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Especially after having to go through IVF.

I’m not sure about the image as not a radiographer but can share my experience to shed some light if that helps. Had a D&c due to foetal abnormalities at 16weeks. All fine until about 4-6 weeks after when the bleeding started. Finally confirmed uterine AVM and had to have a blood transfusion due to blood loss and they cauterised the site. This stopped the bleeding but had to wait another few weeks to confirm it had resolved.

I know weeks can seem like an eternity but your body needs time to heal and mend. And mend it may. I fell pregnant about 6 months post D&c and now have a 2 year old daughter.

I hope you get some form of resolution and go on to have a healthy pregnancy. It’s such a hard thing we women have to endure.
Sending recovery your way.

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Hi, I am sorry for your loss. Uterine AVMs were discovered after I had a D&C in 2017. I had to have a uterine Embolization procedure completed because of continuous bleeding for months afterwards. I lost a baby around 8 weeks in June of this year, reason unknown. They did a D&C minus the scrapping of the uterus after afterwards as my body didn’t pass the MC on its own. An US afterwards showed 3 small AVMs, I don’t know how big they are. I spoke to a doctor that sees uterine AVMs once per year roughly and she didn’t seem too concerned about them. She said they are more like prominent blood vessels and feels they are misunderstood.

I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and praying it goes smoothly. I worry about delivery and complications that could follow with that.

I am confident in the doctor I am working with. I hope you can find one that has a better understanding of them.
There are many positive stories out there of women having healthy babies, don’t give up hope and I will try to remember to keep you posted on how things go with me.

Take care, Krista

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