hi folks, this is the t-shirt i just made for mom's b-day (made it in cafepress.com)

hope she likes it!


nice shirt!!!

thanks crystal! it's a totally dorky gift for her, but my avm has turned me into a real sap, as my posts here can attest lol

you are no sap , you are aware and accepting. I think it is a sweet and fun gift for your mom. And your story and projects bring much needed awareness to people who are not really familiar with AVM"s keep us posted on your projects. I look forward to see your work. And i hope you are feeling better.

I love it what a great idea!!!

thanks ladies, now i dont feel so unmanly lol

Love the shirt I would wear it proudly !!

AshoK, You have good taste. That came out pretty good. :)

I have an older sister....she taught me well, when it came to buying clothes for her. LOL Unmanly? There is never anything "unmanly" or "sappy" when it comes to buying something for your mother. Or.. any other woman, as far as I'm concerned. ((wink))

Nice. I like it.

Awesome I want to make something like this for my son!!! You are very creative :slight_smile: Any mom would be pround to wear that shirt!!!

Great t-shirt designed by a fantastic son!

Love it Ashok! I’ll be sure to post pictures of my t-shirt once if I finally actually get it done! If I had a brain worth a darn I’d be able to do it online like you did!

My mother would wear it. I LOVE it! Great job!

I’m also a proud mom and I LOVE this!

It looks great! I love it!

I just wanted to tell you I took your idea…LOL I made the same shirt for my mom!! I’m not sure if I should give it to her for her birthday or mothers day.Her b-day is april 17th what do you think? I don’t know if I can hold off til mothers day.LOL

OMG my mom's birthday is april 17!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

that's what the t-shirt is for!!!!!

Well you just made my decision for me;) April 17th it is!!! Can’t wait to give it to her;)

My shirt came this weekend;) Can’t wait to give it to my mom;) Thank You again for the idea I would have never thought of it!!!

I love it, I’m sure he will. xxx