hi connie it’s ginny robinson. i would like to purchase a t-shirt however i’m not comfortable with the paypal thing, especially since my online bank acct. scare. would i be able to call someone with my credit card number? or money order? could you let me know if there are other options? kevin is in ottawa we’ll know more next week whether he’ll ever be able to come home. thank-you! ginny

Hi, Ginny. I’m having a problem getting PayPal to work, so I wrote to Shalon to ask if I can write her a check. I haven’ heard back yet. Why don’t you send her a private message too since she is the one ordering the shirts.

Hey Ginny,

Sending you a “private message.”

hi shalon not sure if you got my other messages…sent u.s. postal money order for 40$ express post. should get there by the end of the week. i would like sz. large so kev can wear it too…thank you…ginny

I just today (April 7, 2009) received an email that the t-shirt orders needed to be in by yesterday. I was very much interested in purchasing a few of the shirts. Is it safe to assume that I missed my opportunity to purchase the t-shirts?
Thanks so much,

Gwen, I’ll be sending the final order in within the next 2 hours. (By 9:00 Pacific) so if you can get it in by then, you will just make it!!!


hi shalon it’s ginny. i hope my order will go through but if not you could always send the money order back. thanks