Taking a Break

My husband Dave and I are back home taking a much needed break from AVM treatments. :-) After Dave's two surgeries, which were essentially back-to-back AND several seizures, he was so exhausted it was clear he needed a time out. Dr. Steinberg actually thought that would work out better for the last stage of treatment (Cyberknife). We'll be back at it again in about a month.

One question for the group...and trusted friends. I have never seen my husband so tired...It takes a lot for me to even get him out of bed in the morning. Has anyone experienced something similar after surgeries? Seizures? All of the above?

Hello Gail. Yes, it is normal after treatments and/or brain surgery to be so very tired. It can take quite some time to recover from surgery as the brain has had a lot of trauma! Also, I have partial seizures and my Neuro has told me that it usually takes 2-4 days to get over 1 seizure. If your husband is on anti-seizure medication, that can also make him tired until his body gets used to the meds. Take care & all the very best to you both.

Your husband’s brain has been through a lot. I think it is normal to be worn out. I suspect as the caregiver that you are exhausted as well. Go home and the both of you REST!!

Hi Gail,
Welcome back home!!!
Seizures alone cause exhaustion, plus meds Dave may be on, but having 2 surgeries back-to-back would cause incredible exhaustion, or brain fatigue.
As Barbara and Lesley already said, Dave's brain has been through much & requires time & lots of rest to help mend.
As a caregiver, take good care of you too & get your rest & time-outs as well. :)
All the best to both of you,

Welcome Home..so good to hear from you Gail. Give Dave our love and that we are sending good thoughts his way. When my Dave came home after surgery our first rule around our home was "Quiet Brain at Work Healing". I am sharing this link that we shared with our family who has helped us day in and day out during Dave recovery. Here is the link:


Remember as the caregiver give yourself time too , to heal. You went through brain surgery too. Dave & Barbara