Telephone numbers?

Hi my dear friends,

It seems that now Jeff is being away for a while.
There are so many others I would like to hear about too.
I wonder if it is a good idea to add our email or telephone number (?)
Maybe a special way to add these information, maybe to make it available only to " the friend list".
So the closer family member could make contac and give us news.

I think thats a great idea! Le me know what everyone thinks, Caroline

I think having an emergency contact somewhere would be a good idea. Unfortunately, I worry about making it easier for unsavory people to spam us. Additionally, I know of one member who has expressed concern about an ex-spouse contacting the member through this site.

If you have a good idea on this, please post it here. Off the top of my mind, maybe a buddy system, a volunteer can maintain a private list that new members can opt-in or opt-out of, a forum posting where people can voluntarily add their email address to, etc…

Keep in mind that if you send someone a “message” most likely they will get it in their inbox. If your message doesn’t reach their inbox and you are worried about them, as moderator I can contact them directly via email.

Erica, would you mind monitoring the suggestions and getting back to me later?


See, that’s why you’re the ALPHA DOG!! LOL

I think the idea is good. I use Skype for my internet calls. It costs no money and I have it set up for when I’m not ‘home’ it will go to my mobile. Any thoughts? That way you don’t have to give your number, it’s free, skype even tells you when the last time Savinder was online (for example, so you can at least know they’re ok) and you can forward it.