Testing before Lawyer for SSD

Mark worked for GE for 32 years. While choosing to go for Social Security Disability. He could no longer do his job with the circumstances of GE shutting down.

One of the things that GE offered was short term disability for 6 months after that it went into long term disability until SSD kicked in.

Before applying for SSD , if your husband paid for long term disability out of pay check each check that should be kicking in right now?

I am not sure if all jobs offer that , GE did so Mark chose to pay it out of his pay each week. He was still living at home at the time when his bleed happened. His mom would put his money in the bank from the long term disability while he was not able to work.

* So I would check to see if your husband was paying for that through his pay checks.

* If he didn’t, than see if his job offers their employees the short term disability while getting approved for SSD.

When Mark filed for SSD. GE paid short term disability for 6 six month he received 60% of his pay check. Than it went into long term til the SSD kicked in.

When Mark told GE that he could no longer do his job. They did require him to go through a neurocognitive assessment which was a basic level cognitive assessment to advise the appropriateness of requesting accommodations at his work.

We did not have to pay for this testing GE paid for it. by having this testing done was just a plus towards SSD. for one it shows exactly what Mark’s presenting problems were. The letter from the Dr. that did the testing about what is professional opinion was for him going back to work. And, the scores showing on the test.

* Tests done WTAR, RBANS, Immediate Memory, Visuospatial, Language, Attention, Delayed Memory , Tower(DKEFS), Ruff2&7 Speed, Ruff2&7 Accuracy, Trails A, Triails B, Rey-Osterrieth CF, ROCF Recall. testing took 2 hrs.

I had to get all of his records that pertained to the AVM (EVERYTHING) I just got one of those brown big envelopes and put all of the papers in that. I went to his

* Neurologist to get his records
* hospital for anything that pertained to this
* Work (GE) Anything pertaining to this
* Emergency Room Visit. that may be in the hospital records but make sure you mention that you want the a copy of his emergency Room visit because here in Va. they charge you for the copy and the time for getting these copies for you so make sure you get everything so you don’t have to go back and pay for their time again. oh, dr. offices may charge for copies too.

As I received documents I would make a copy because you never know when they may misplace or even if I misplace something important I can go back to that envelope for that extra copy. I made up an envelope for the each one for AVM documents, Disability documents. Than I would put the name of the businesses address and number so that I would be able to get quick access to them.

I needed to get all of the Doctor’s name, address, numbers for those that saw Mark on this.

Oh! before I go any further. I work with a family , their child has a disability. there are services that you can receive the one I work through is Public Partnership you can go online to their website public partnership than go to your state or call this number 1-866-■■■■■■■■. I know there are other service out there should be able to find them through the websites.

I know depending on the condition the amount of hours they give you. I know with Public Partnership you are able to hire the person that will work best for your family. you and the person working for you work out the hours that you would need her. this would only be the care for your husband your children can not be added for the care. Than other duties that may help you around the house. I do ironing, washing dishes, light cleaning ect.

Back to SSD. when asking for copies from each place that you go. if you do not get them right then and there and they tell you that they will mail them to you. wait 1 or 2 weeks if you have not received them call and ask politely about the copies. I know it can be frustrating , to act otherwise could cause you additional problems. Or I know SSD will collect the Medical records to but that may take longer. but in your case you shouldn’t have a problem because of it being in present time.

I had no problems collecting medical records everyone was so kind , I received them then and there. made copies. when the SSD sent the forms to fill out I got right on it filled them out make copies sent them out. make sure you fill out the forms correctly and thoroughly because they will send them back and it will take longer.

We did not worry about SSD. we put it in God’s hands and just let things happen. did the things that needed to be done at that time. didn’t worry about the future. did what we needed to do at the present time.

Depending how many years of work and other factors in the amount he receives each month. my husband also receives his pension, long term disability that he paid out through his job so GE pays that each month. we have one child under 18 so the child get benefits, we receive a certain amount for him. now if that child is under 16 you can receive benefits until he turns 16.
they take the amount that he get from pension, long term and the years you work for the amount that he would get in benefits. now. if you get benefits, you children get benefits , they adjust the benefits. I received little over 400.00 and our son received the same amount. once he turned 16 my benefits dropped but they just increased our sons to over 800.00. he will receive this until he is 18 or he will continue to receive it if he goes full time college.

also check this website out I don’t know if it still will be there but this help me to know what to expect. http://stu.westga.edu/~wmaples/ssdi_tip.html

Before going to a lawyer and paying thousands of dollars I would have the testing that my husband had done. it showed the ability of being able to do his job.

The Doctor’s letter was very important with what he was able show for testing and his remarks ability to do his job. others that have gone for disability for other issues told him that it would be many months. it took a month an half for him to be approved.

I would check into see if he paid into long term disability and if they offer their employees short term disability. What you can receive with you having to quit your job to take care of your spouse.

I hope that I have been some help.

Love and God Bless

Excellent. Thanks :)