The AVM Butterfly is back

My most sincere thanks to those that brought the AVM Butterfly back to our home page. To myself and others, it is a symbol that has many meanings (individually and collectively) such as beauty, freedom and independence.

Kudos to those that made it happen.

My thanks again,…

William Fitch

I echo William’s sentiments - Thanks to the ‘powers-that-be’ for bringing the Butterfly back!!! :slight_smile:

So wonderful to see “our” butterfly is home again!

My sincere thanks also as William said!! “Happy days are here again”!!


It’s wonderful to see that the butterfly found its way home. Woulda been a disaster if an ugly brown moth flew in and took over our special page

I agree, even though I am fairly new here, the butterfly has so many hopeful meanings I am glad to see it here!

Yeh…it’s back!

Thank you thank you thank you!!! The butterfly is symbolic for a lot of people. Thank you for listening and bringing it back to us! ::::: doing the Snoopy dance :::::::

I agree, this site needs it’s butterfly!

Possibly ourkind leader and mascot, BEN, had something to do with returning our Butterfly? ? Hip hip hooray!!
All is right again! Kind of makes you wonder what kind of Villian would have considered deleting it in the first place??? Oh well, all’s well that ends well!

William and all,

When I was inpatient recovering from my AVM, one of the ballroom dance students gave me a blanket with butterflies on it - I really didn’t have a thing for butterflies, but now I do including beauty, freedom, and independence.


found this:

The Butterfly Effect