The Bracelet Poem

Hey again. So my school is hosting their annual writing festival and this year I decided to enter. I entered the poem division. This poem means a lot to me because I had to dig deep and peel back wounds I forced myself to forget from years ago. But it was all worth it to be able to share my story in creative writing and help others know that they are not alone when battling any form of sickness or disease. So here is my poem, The Bracelet.

The bracelet.

The bracelet that keeps me up at night.

The bracelet that takes me back to 2018

The year I put that bracelet on for the first time

I had no idea that bracelet would stick to my wrist for 3 years

Stuck with pool water from swimming

And dirt from playing outside

Except this wasn’t the case

Instead my bracelet was stuck with the tears from watching my brothers swim

And the pain from the IV´s doesn’t compare to watching my friends play outside without me

When I looked around at school

I never saw anyone with a bracelet

I saw happy kids playing

I saw healthy kids laughing

Why not me?

Instead of hearing the school bell ring

I heard the awful ringing sounds from the MRI machine

Instead of having a christmas party with my class, I was crying in the nurse’s office

That bracelet may have been clasped around my wrist in 2018

But it had been there since the day I was born

I was born 1 in 100,000

1 in 100,000 people a year are born with AVMs

That nasty, long, word abbreviated on my bracelet stands for Arteriovenous Malformation

And Less than 1% of the population understood what that word meant

So many surgeries

So many MRI´s

So many labs

But over the course of almost 5 years

My avm got smaller

The knot of arteries and veins in my brain shrunk

And shrunk

And shrunk

To the point where it was so small that I could take off the bracelet

The worn down


Medical Alert Bracelet

Over those 5 years the font on the back of the bracelet got smaller and smaller

Those phone numbers and medical instructions slowly faded

But they never truly went away

I no longer wear that bracelet because my condition is no longer fatal

But it will always be there

It will always be a concern

Just like how that bracelet will forever be locked around my wrist

Even though I can’t see it

And you can’t either

It will always be there

All those surgeries will be there

All the doctors appointments will be there

All the tears will always be there

Just because I removed the bracelet

Doesn’t mean I removed everything it did to me.


Pretty marvellous!

Wow. Most of us can relate. I hope you win the contest…but even if don’t, you have already won.

Great job! I still have that bracelet around me, June I get another cerebral Angiogram. I hope you win! But like said before you already won. God bless.

WOW…I hope this helped you to express how you feel. Sometimes it helps to have an outlet. As others have said you’ve already won. If no one else has been touched by your expression, you have definitely touched my life today. You have a blessing to put your experience into words. God bless you.