The GK That Almost Happened

Hello all, new to site and have only posted our original story during registration thus far. Tom (my hubby) was scheduled to have his Gamma Knife on Monday, Oct 24th. We were to arrive 5am to have the screws put to him as he jokingly calls it and no one was there! UC Davis, Sacramento is a huge campus! Well we walked all over the place, finally got through to surgical admissions at around 6am to find out no one would be there until 7am. She suggested we go wait in the cafe until the clinic opens and we could get someone to talk to. Eventually we got through to the clinic and our doctor had decided to postpone his procedure. His case is so involved (He has 3 avm’s & FMD & hyper-reactive arteries) so he wanted more time to map it out, he said it is very difficult to see where the avm’s start and stop exactly, and wants that all mapped out. However, his scheduler forgot to call us and inform us of this change of plans!

Funny things! While looking for a live body at the clinic, standing outside the locked doors, my hubby notices a HELP button so he pushes it. Lights and sirens go off!!! A lady on a speaker asks if this is an emergency and he needs help. So he is explaining about the GK supposed to be happening and can’t find the right place to be, and she asks him where are you? He answers, “I don’t know” LOL Then she sent us to another door, also locked but that one has a phone number to call. So we call it, a very nice lady answers. After explaining our circumstances she asks, “How did you get my number?” Answer, “It is on the door?” “OH, you are outside my doors?” “UM, YES! Thus looking for the right place to be.” She let us in and helped us know that we want to start at the hospital.

So Tom, one of our daughters(we have 8 kids) and myself are sitting in the cafe waiting for the time to call and my daughter starts sending a text update to all the siblings to let them know the status of dads procedure, At the same time she is expounding on it all and making it hilarious! Right then I was taking a sip of my protein drink, spewed drink all down my front! We were all laughing so hard it was hard to breathe!

One of our sons texts back, “So what did you learn from this Alysa?” She replied, “Only go with dad & mom when I am sure he is getting in a room, and make sure mom packs a second shirt!” Laughter turns a frustration into a memory again!

BTW Tom is now rescheduled for his GK on November 14th and the clinic scheduler said he promises to call and confirm with us the night before this time!

Your experience is hilarious. Rather than getting mad at the circumstance you found the humor in it…That’s huge and will take you both a long way on this journey. Thanks for sharing and for the laugh. :slight_smile: Keep us posted in November about the procedure. Best of luck to you both and will be thinking of you.