The Greeting Card

Last weekend I found the overlooked Anniversary card stuffed in a drawer where I had not seen it in
years. It was a birthday card originally that had the "birthday" part crossed through and
"anniversary" written above it. It was dated one year after my collapse and near death from
an inherited AVM(arteriovenous-malformation), and resulting cerebral bleed, and was from my wife and two daughters.

Wife wrote "1 year ago we didn't know what to expect, but we kept holding on by faith in
spite of everything. Now - 1 year later here you are still with us, and almost as good as new in every way!
God is good, and He let you stay with us. Words can't possibly express our feelings and love for
you and our gratitude to God for your life. Love, signed"

Daughter(~ 23) "Dad- We are all so grateful at where we are this day compared to where we
were last year on this day. We are all so glad you are alive and well again. Our prayers were answered."

Daughter(~25) "Dad, I'm so glad you lived! I was so scared that night. This is your "Happy Anniversary
of Life" day!"

Wow, it brings me back all too well. They prayed for me to recover, and all came in the hospital, I am
told, and laid hands on me praying for me to be healed. It did not come right that day, but in time it did and I continued to recover even after this one year anniversary!
Was back very close to normal completely by 4-5 years after the onset.
Thank you God for bringing me back. Thanks to the doctors and nurses and
all that put up with me until I was back!

That was very touching to read, John. Thank you for sharing that. I wish much blessings for you on your journey as a survivor! Best, Leslye

Greetings John! Thank you for sharing this! It's a priceless treasure that you share with us, your fellow AVM survivors. I remember the one year anniversary of my craniotomy procedure. I told everyone, who would listen, that "I was one year new!" No longer me but still me, AVM FREE! The procedure did remove the AVM and a brain anuerysm was detected and clipped. The results are remarkable but significant changes did occur. Today the new me is not quick but can enjoy life at my new brain's pace. With God's helping hand to guide me along the way!! A new journey if you will, awaits each day. God's mercies are new every morning!! He is my source and strength to face the challenges that each day present. He showers my family with blessings. In short, thank you for the reminder to be thankful, and for me to never forget that God never left my side and He never will. Best wishes to you and your family. May God continue to bless you and yours abundantly!!

Thank you, Leslye. What you wrote was touching to me also.

Thank you, Charlene. It is good to remember, isn't it? I am glad that
you are also AVM free and I also wish you the very best!