The Last Lecture

For those of you who are interested, Randy Pauch’s lecture is being re-aired tonight on Primetime Live tonight at 10 p.m. I guess they are doing it as a memorial to his passing on Friday.

Its a great story about Randy. I think his life is even more compelling than the lecture, yet its a great capstone. Primetime has been doing a good job covering him over the last year.

Be a tigger!

He really is an inspiration! Well, last night was more of a tribute to his life. I thought it was very well done. Of course I cried, which then lead to a battle with my children. They got mad at me for watching something that would make me cry. Their father has them convinced that my AVM will rupture if I get upset or cry. I feel that bottling up your emotions is much worse. I’m an emotional person…to repress my feelings is impossible for me! lol

Does anyone know time and channel for “the Last Lecture”? Mike O

I have to be honest, I’m a litte nieve, and have now I dea who Randy Pauch is, it sound familiar though. But apperently his lecture is on YouTube, and I may have found a web site or two that sells it on dvd, or book. Just google Randy Pauch’s the last lecture