So I had a seizure in May. The emergency room put me on Keppra but because I have migraines too, my neurologist weaned me off the Keppra to put me on Topomax. Right now I am on 75 mg of Topomax. I went to another neorologist for a second opinion today and he said that for Topomax to be used to prevent seizures you have to take at least 400 mg. If this is true, I wonder what other incorrect information my first neurologist has given me. Is anyone else on Topomax for seizures and if so, what is your dosage?

I was on Topomax for a while. My neurologist built me up to a maximum dose of 250mg. My understanding is that the dose required is entirely case by case, there’s no such thing as an across the board minimum. I learned that when it comes to medications you have to know your body and never trust that the doctors know more about your symptoms than you do. It’s always good to get a second or third opinion and especially with medications get comfortable telling the doctors “no”. A lot of these anti seizure meds have nasty side effects and finding the right dose of the right medication can take time.

I was recently put on Topomax to prevent migraines.