Treatment date set

My daughter's crainiotomy is scheduled for Friday 2/1/13. She has made remarkable recovery since her bleed in October. Still quite a bit of aphasia, but her physical coordination, reflexes, etc. are, dare I say, back to normal! We are hopeful for a successful procedure, and cautiously optimistic for a full recovery.

Best wishes for a successful surgery for your daughter, brjdad! Keep us posted.

Good luck and God Bless your daughter!

Thank you Sophie & dancermom. I will post something after the surgery. My daughter has picked out her "hair-do" (I'm dating myself there) and purchased a couple of hats for when she's able to go out again. She is asking me to videotape her as soon as I can in the recovery room.

Best of luck brjdad. Let your daughter know that we are all thinking about her. I had some very cool scarves that I wore after my crani. I'll be happy to send her some :) Please do let us know how she's doing after the surgery!

Surgery went very well. She is in recovery now, and doing so well! We hope to speak with the surgeon one-on-one soon. Had a brief conversation with him on the phone immediately after surgery and he said her vitals were solid during the procedure and there were no surprises.

I will add an update when I can. Thank you for all the well-wishes and prayers. Now we wait to see what, if any, setbacks have resulted from the surgery.