Hey everyone! just wondering what type of treatment you guys have for your AVMs?? Going back in for surgery wednesday, just wondering what other options are out there is all...

Hi, kirrilee, it's good to hear from you. You are talking about kidney avms, right? There is a fair bit of information about renal avms at medscape, including some information on treatment:

I think this patient's story may also be helpful to you:

I will look for other resources. Have you been evaluated for HHT?

Kirrilee, I just noticed there is an expert on the Vascular Birthmark Foundation's website for internal avms, Dr. Steven Fishman:

You can send him a message through the website and ask about treatment.

I had a craniotomy.

Thankyou :)

I also had a craniotomy due to an AVM in June 2012. I also suffered a stroke right after removal of the AVM and had right side paralysis. This has been almost a year recovery time. I am dealing with some neurological issues due to the stroke. Not sure if I will fully recover but I do feel better everyday and hope I will be able to drive again soon.