Since my bleed in June 2007 I have been experiencing a tremor in my head and at times in my right arm. I have been to numerous neurologists to try and get this under control. Basically, no one seems to have an answer and they just refer me to someone else. And act like it really is not a big deal. But, it is a big deal to myself. It is also quite embarrassing and it has got to the point where I hate having to explain myself to people.

I also lost the ability to write when this all happened. Granted, my handwriting has greatly improved since the bleed. But, when you arm start shaking it makes it more awkward. It is so frustrating that I have to find anyone that can help me with this. I feel like I am being blown off and they really do not care. It is almost to the point, where I am about to swear off all medical treatment and let things happen. I know that is really not a smart thing to do. But, at times I feel if they do not care, why should I.

Any information about this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, have a SUPER day!

Kristynn, when you say “tremors”, do you mean twitching once in a while or shaking for a period of time?


Ya, shaking…its like I am shaking my head no.

Hi Kristynn,
did anyone put you on any kind of meds for this? I have not had a bleed (yet, knock on wood) but I’ve had the tremors, shakes, twitches, jolts whatever you want to call them, then my neuro put me on antiseizure meds and they have all but disappeared! I’ve got to tell you, this has probably been going on for YEARS with me, so long I got used to it even though it was so embarassing so needless to say I was amazed. Of course the seizures have not stopped, but thats another issue.
Best wishes!

Hi Krystynn.
I’ve recently had a similar experience with my specialist. He was great to make me better, but they seem to be there, to ensure that you are functioning correctly. I had to try and get some info myself (once I knew I wasn’t having a dangerous problem). I found an absess causing most problems. I’ve had twithing, heart beat through your nerves, and vertigo (which isn’t good when you drive most days).
I’m left with a feeling, most of the time, that you people probably only experience after a full on gym session, for a few minutes. Muscles are strained, nervy.

It is hard to explain to people, the feelings you’re getting :frowning:

I hope things improve. There is probably something you are drinking or eating that is making the effects worse then they could be (if they haven’t been the same since your operation.)