Trouble articulating?

I had radiation on my AVM in January 2007, I was told it is located near my Broca's area. I often have a hard time accessing the words I want to say and say something else instead or pause for a while before continuing. Does anyone else have this problem?

I had an AVM on May 13, 2012 that bled and subsequently lead to a stroke. It’s almost been a year since my bleed but I still have trouble remembering words. I know what I want to say but I can’t think of the word or words. When I’m tired or frustrated it is worse. I play words with friends to help me. It makes me feel stupid but I’m not. I long for my brain to regain the quick thinking that it used to do. My family and friends are patient with me but other people are clueless.

Hi Terri. This link might be helpful…
There is a sub-group here you may wish to join…
Plus you might find this link interesting

yes aphasia can be such a frustrating thing, but you certainly arent alone - 1 in 4 in any stroke can have speech problems in some type or not. And after a while, u can manage to bring back certain almounts pof your speech back, if u keep on pushing it :)

Hi Terri. I have (and still do) experienced this issue. About two months before my AVM bleed in September of 2008, I experienced troubles with my speech, finding the words that I want to say. When I try to explain things, my mind would go blank in the middle of the sentence, and I would try so hard to think of the word that I was going to use. It's been three and a half years post surgery, and I still experience this. You're definitely not alone. :-)

I'm so sorry to hear you had a bleed and stroke. It's nice to know other people are having the same problem though because it is very frustrating sometimes. Luckily my boyfriend is extremely patient and we laugh about it often! I play words with friend too and that does keep me thinking!! I wish you the best and thank you for sharing :-)

Thank you very much for the information, I joined the subgroup which should be very helpful!!

I was lucky enough to find my AVM after a seizure and never had a stroke. I wish more people on here were that lucky. Makes me feel bad for complaining at all. Right after radiation I went on a reading spree and I think I was just trying to build new connections in my brain. I've been working a stressful job lately and it seems to be getting worse. I think I just need to take some time to exercise my brain more! Thanks for responding!!

Thank you for sharing with me :-) You perfectly described what happens to me. Before I found my AVM I was having a horrible time getting words out, it drove me nuts. I was relived to find out there was a reason for this but I'm frustrated that it's still happening. I just worry that it will get worse and worse as I get older but I guess there isn't too much I can do. I'll keep working my brain so it will hopefully not get worse! I hope you're doing well!

Wow a craniotomy! I'm glad you are doing better! It is so frustrating but at least my friends and family understand and are patient with me. I do feel stupid sometimes when talking to strangers, but too bad for them :-) Thank you for sharing with me!

Im not quite sure what AVM u have had exactly, but if your AVM bled in the brain, then you are classed as a stroke survivor. Nothing wrong with that. "Strokes" are very varied in range.

What type of job do u do terri?

I can relate to this problem. I had embolizations. My AVM and CM are on the right side, between the partial and occipital lobe.
I'm having some problems with short term memory, and concentration.
Sometimes I have trouble with having a conversation because I speak out words the wrong way. Or I confuse two words with each other. I Have to take a break now and then to think how I can make a correct sentence. Maybe it's not really my speech but a lack of concentration or confusion.

Do you get some kind of therapy for your problems? Good luck with it.

"Does anyone else have this problem?" Yes! My problem is that the thoughts come at me with incredible speed but I cannot get them out without considerable effort. The hesistation in conversation makes people uncomfortable and they will often fill in the blanks for me. It gets frustating but I am learning to live with it and will probably go to some kind of therapy to take care of what I call "slowness." You are not alone.

I haven't had therapy for it, but my new neurologist has put me on Lamictal recently because he said sometimes I'm having trouble because I'm having a secondary seizure. I haven't really seen a difference yet, but since I struggle with depression it has definitely helped that! Thank you and good luck to you!

I know, people try to help and they mean well but it can be frustrating. When I do it at work they just kinds stare at me and wait, but I've explained what's going on and they are patient with me. I think therapy might help, I'm trying out Lamictal to see if it helps. We shall see! Thanks for responding!

I was extremely lucky and didn't have a bleed, but I guess the lack of oxygen to that area has caused a lot of the problems. I didn't know that a bleed was a kind of stroke but that does make sense though! I work in the printing industry and we recently were bought out, but our future is still unsure. There is a lot of stress just worrying about not having a job and when I'm there it's just an uphill battle to get things done with this new company. There's not a lot I can do about the situation so I'm trying to learn to just see what happens and stop stressing, easier said than done :-)

Hi terri,
I had my radiation in 2007 too. I have the same problem. It comes and goes for me. My friends and I just make a joke about it. I often say: "Bear with me, it's my first day with my new tongue". LOL I use my speach problem as an indicater that I need to rest. Once I rest, then I'm good for a while.


Yes! I do the exact same thing and I have never had any trouble like that before. Sometimes I absolutely cannot find the word that I am wanting and then sometime I just can't get speech out. I stumble over my words A LOT and I even stutter at times. I know exactly what you are talking about.

i must admit im rather confused - "I had radiation on my AVM" - but u didnt have any bleed? Surely if u didnt have a bleed, u would not need any radiation? Or do u mean, u did have an AVM - then it IS been removed since?

I also work in the printing industry, as a web/designer for around 10 years now. Altho i dont constamtly have to work on the phone etc, its seriously stressy, due to my aphasia. Sometimes, i truly hate it, really do.

I'm doing quite well, thanks! :-)
I know what you mean. My speaking troubles drives me (and everyone else) nuts. I work full-time, and hate it when I have to explain things, because I know that I'll have trouble finding the words. Sometimes what I end up saying doesn't make sense, which would cause my coworkers to look at me as if I had three heads. I'm looking into some exercises that may help me out with this.

I'm very grateful for this network, because I know that there are many who understand what we are going through. It has helped me to feel human again while in recovery.

Take care, my friend. *Hugs*