Tubal ligation?

Can a female with a pelvic AVM get her tubes tied?


I have had my tube tied and I have a pelvic AVM. However, they didn’t know at the time as I hadn’t been diagnosed. They probably wouldn’t have otherwise because of the risks of rupture.

I would think it depends where your AVM is located. Mine is huge and all round my uterus as well as other organs so really not ideal but hey, they did it and no problem. Having said that, I have been really lucky and my doctors are baffled at how I had procedures, gave birth etc with no complications so…

They told me that they wouldn’t have recommended my having children if they had known about the AVM. Carrying to term was unlikely according to them and complications at birth meant survival of both mother and children was at risk. I had a 4.1kgs baby boy and a3.8kg baby girl both born the day after their due date.

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Wow that’s interesting and I’m glad you did not have complications. My doctor’s strongly advised against pregnancy because they said I would probably go into heart failure and definently have a lot of complications. Also I didn’t want to potentially pass on my AVM or other health problems to a baby.