Twitching like crazy!

Okay, my body is going nuts tonight! I wonder if it has anything to do with the wild thunderstorm going on outside? I keep getting painful spasms in my head; my legs and toes keep jerking and twitching; and my saliva has been sliding down my windpipe, causing coughing fits. Oh, and my skin and scalp are very itchy. Weird, huh?

Well,the storm is over and so is the twitching. Liam, do you think it could have been the electricity in the air causing it? I know it sounds far-fetched, but so do a lot of things about this AVM! lol I still have the itchy skin and scalp, but I’ve had that for a while now.

I’ve had no itchyness, but the twitching has been common for the last few months. My hand and most of my body has twitched at times. I had a masage and I’ve been going to a chiro. I’ve seen improvement, bit time, because he’s been doing more to stimulate the nerves that connect to your neck and upper back. Bisically waking them up again. Might seem weird, but it seems to be working. maybe something similar would help with you?

We had thunderstorms a few nights ago and I was so sick from my headache I literally passed out and had repeated seizures. I dont remember any itchiness, but then again I was pretty well out of it for over a day.

I do know I coughed alot too!

Wow, Jo, maybe there really is something to do with the electricity in the air and the electricity in our brains!

Hi commie do you know you have described what i get every night but never though about saying any thing just thought i was a bit of a hypochondriac i also thought it was bed covers or something as i said before lay on my side and the sliver run till i put the sink plug in it;+) but ya even my toe’s i get like wee shocks or summit really weird;+)

Our storms were Monday and i seemed worse that day also. I have had twitching the last few days and hey Marilyn the imaginary lice are back!! I will say right now, I am having almost all of my symptoms right now though. Something is going on and my eyesight seems to be going fast.

Susan, when you say imaginary lice, do you mean an itchy scalp?

No, I was talking about what I have always called feeling like there are a hundred worms all crawling around in my head at once. It is an all over feeling. I have always called them my wiggly worms but marilyn calls them her “imaginary lice”.

Hi susan ya it sound like derma-somthing it what my daughter has she gets a cream from the doc’s for her arthritis the arthritis makes your head itchy as hell some time your using two hand’s i know i do it very ichy i’m scratching writing this the now;-)

Hi Connie, Think you might be on to something. I also had a bad week . Mine started Wed. night and I just started to feel better today. The weather has been very windy here and rain has been all around us. I had a major headache and ended up in bed packed my head in ice packs. This seems to numb the pain . I also start having twitches and some loss of motor skills. Felt like i was in ozone. And that was not because of good Also I think it could be brought on by the change in barometric pressure, change of seasons, allergies, but most of all weather changes that effect sinus pressure. I also have the itchy face and scalp. That comes and goes. I itched so much that my face was raw and I need extra oil called (nite mins) from Aleda to clear it up. I do know and agree this is strange,and to gather info from all on this is great! You could be onto something here. Also a massage helps. Get hubby to rub your legs to get the blood flowing back into them. It hurts but helps.
Sending angel light and love…d

You guys might be onto something with the Sinus presure. I felt sinus pressure this morning and I’ve taken sinus pills. My twitching and balance problems have gone for the moment. Maybe I’ve got a sinus infection or something. Clutching at straws, I know