Tylenol 3

Has anyone tried Tylenol 3 for headaches? If so how did it work and what symptoms did you have while on it? I started taking it last night and it reminds me a lot like Lortab. When it first kicked in I was really relaxed and noticed a big difference in my headache…but later on late last night it was wearing off. It kept me from sleeping…I think I woke up about every 30 minutes from about 2-7am.

Hello Brittany. Are you saying that the drug affect wore off and the pain “came back” and kept waking you; or that you were wakeful because of the drug? Lortab I am not familiar with, but Tylenol three is acetaminaphin and codein, yes? You can “look up” on line or call your favorite pharmacist and Dr. to find your answer. I am aware that any “drug” we put in our body has many affects and we are all so singular in our responses that it is best to find answers quickly. Could be dosage, could be the codein, which with me, tylenol #3 was not very affective on my head pain but did give me unpleasant “side affects”.
So go find your answer and keep that pain under control, REMEMBER pain is an indicator of something amiss, not your friend beyond that point. Be good to you. Take care of you. I hope your day is as good as it can be…

I didnt wake up from the pain…I kept waking because the meds made me feel like my heart was beating out of my chest. I have decided I am not going to take it around bedtime anymore…and I will just see how that goes. The local RX told me it was a normal side effect and that I should try not to take it around bed time so I can be sure to get a good amount of sleep.

i take it, but it stopped helping, so i’ve stopped taking it. i haven’t had a chance to go back to the doctor to talk about pain management

Tylenol #3 never worked for my headaches. You should talk with your doc regarding the side effect it caused. It may not be the right med for you. It is great that it took the headache away but keeping you up and making your heart pound is not good.

Take care
Lee Ann

I beleive that T3 has codeine in it. Some people can react to codeine with restlessness.

ewww… tylenol with codeine make me sick…allergic… not every medicine works for every person