UCLA Appointment! update

So I had my consult appointments yesterday with Dr. Antonio DeSalles (neurosurgeon specializing in SRS) and Dr. Michael Selch (radiation oncologist) at UCLA. I had the most awesome experience. Both doctors were very personable and I found out that even if the SRS works the headaches and short term memory issues will most likely be a lifelong issue for me to deal with (not complaining at all). I also found out that due to the location of my AVM i'm at a high risk for another bleed and strokes.

This visit was just a consult and I do have to go back on May 21 to be fitted for my "mask" that I'll be wearing during the SRS treatment and new cat scans and mri's so that they can accurately measure my AVM (length and diameter and exact depth). I'll keep you all posted. Feel free to email me or respond to this post if you have any other questions.

Hello, my name is Carl McKinney. I just created my profile last night. I see Dr. DeSalles this week. I was glad to see you liked him. I hope he takes time to listen to me and answer my questions. The last specialist I was sent to was in St. Louis, MO. and he from the time he came into the room, said my AVM was too deep and “good luck” was less than 5 minutes! I don’t want a repeat performance of that! Especially since I’ve having to fly out there!
Take care, Carl

Isn't it WONDERFUL to find those unique, caring & knowledgable HCP's?!! I'm so happy you have them on your team! :)
Best wishes & cheering you on,

Hey Carl. Yes. I'm so thankful I'm being treated by Dr. DeSalles. He's an amazing doctor. I had the srs done in 2010 and then I had an embolization done in May 2011. Please let me know how you're doing as I sent you a friend's request. I understand your frustration with the treatment or "non" treatment you received from the other doctors. Dr. DeSalles is very caring and he knows his stuff :-)
Take care and have a good day and a safe trip ;-)

Thanks Patti :-)