Unrupted AVM with digestive issues

Has anyone else experienced weight loss and digestive issues? I don’t know if it is AVM related but I have lost 14-16 lbs (over the summer as my issues started) and my bowel movements are whack. I am back up to 126 finally (5’9 and still 10-12 lbs under weight)and my appetite is back since the headaches have improved but again, my stomach HATES me lol. Just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience!!

I lost alot of weight after I became symptomatic and was diagnosed. I attribute it to 2 things. 1)When I ate like I normally had, I felt too full, short of breath, heart rate went up, and 2) STRESS! I'm already thin and like you couldn't afford to lose much weight so I started eating mini-meals 5-7 times a day. I think I ate healthier, too, so no bowel problems.

I was really stressed at work a few years ago & had no appetite & lost a lot of weight. The stress, the not eating, and not sleeping due to the stress was triggering a lot of headaches. When I started taking Nortiptylene (anti-depressant used to prevent migraines), I gained it all back + some. When I quit taking it, I lost some weight, but am back on it & gaining weight again.

One of the side effect is increased appetite, especially for sweets.

Thanks for the reply!! What is your AVM story, if you wanna share?!? I know they’re all Different!! but I’d like to hear some testimonials!! Smile