UPDATE IN OHIO - no internet

Still here in Ohio. Walked to McDonalds just now to drink coffee and use their Wifi. My uncle gets better then something else happens. He is supposed to be moved to cardiac rehab soon. His lead from the pacer/icd has a problem. My husband died at 47 with a pacemaker (no defibs then) and this is all too close to me. I am doing very well despite because my aunt needs me. She’s great, and we have gotten to know each other again. Oh no, an entire throng of children just came in for a McDonalds birthday party. I am out of here. bye. beans

It’s good your aunt has you there for support. I hope you’re holding up well, yourself!

It helps me to help someone else. At least for a little while. I know I will be here til after Thanksgiving cause I’m not flying back to Florida, then to Virginia to my son’s for Thanksgiving, So I’ll go from Ohio to Virginia somehow, on a train maybe. I don’t drive since the AVM caused homonymous hemianopsia - blind in both eyes to the left.


For a minute I thought I was going a little nuts, because I knew I had posted a reply when you told us you had gone to be with your aunt and uncle and didn’t have Internet access, but I wasn’t seeing it here anywhere. Then I realized it was a different thread you’d started about being with them that I replied to. So my post really is there, and I’m not going nuts. :wink:

Hope all is going well.

Obviously, Tori, you are not going nuts. I, on the other hand, forget so much, that I double post sometimes.


Hope you’re doing well. You made me laugh out loud when you mentioned the “throng of children” coming into Mickey D’s. Thanks for that. Funny, my sis tried to meet up with another teacher recently at Mickey D’s to “vent” about school kids and one of her students walked in with their parents and sat down in the booth next to them! Yeah that was awkward. That place is a mecca for children as you well know. Hang in there, don’t worry so much about us and take care of your uncle and aunt. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know I am at the local library, about a mile walk from my aunt’s house. She hates that I walk here because some of the time there is no sidewalk, and you have to cross a “big busy” road (her words). It’s not big and only busy at 5:00 p.m. I am leaving here 11/16 on a plane to Baltimore where my brother-in-law will get me and I stay with them (my sister) in Delaware for 5 days, I get to see her new grandson. Hooray. Then the Megabus??? to Richmond to see my son and his wife for Thanksgiving. Then the Megabus to Raleigh to visit my younger brother for a few days. Then Amtrak from Raleigh to Sarasota and home the next day. Looking forward to going home. I will have a hard time leaving them here, but my uncle is in Rehab (sort of a nursing home, too) only 2 miles from home, and he is definitely progressing. My aunt will do fine.

beans (of course it’s Saturday and there are kids here at the library hollering)

Sounds like you have had quite an adventure. Glad your family is doing better!

Seems to me that you just can’t get away from those “loud” children beans!! So glad your family is getting better…what a long way to have to go to get home again!! Enjoy your travels…

Thanks so much. It is a long way, but I am looking foreward to it.


One week from today I am on a plane outta here. Been in Ohio since Sept 14. Want to go back to FL. Getting colder her, and I have no desire to see snow. I am so glad I was here when they needed me. It makes me feel competent and good that I did something for other people. My cousin is taking me out to dinner Saturday night to say thanks for being here.