Using ChatGPT to interpret medical reports

If you paste a report full of medical jargon and terms in ChatGPT with the instruction “simplify it in layman terms”, AI does a good job.

Here is an example (not my child’s report. I was helping a woman on a FB group)

“Another dural arteriovenous fistula” - There’s another abnormal connection between an artery and a vein in the covering of the brain.

“is visualized in the posterior fossa” - This problem is seen at the back of the skull, where the brain meets the spinal cord.

“supplied predominantly by the posterior meningeal artery arising from the left vertebral artery and mastoid branch of the left occipital artery” - Blood is mainly coming from two specific arteries near the neck and base of the skull.

“This fistula also drains into enlarged cortical veins in the inferior left cerebellar hemisphere” - The abnormal connection is letting blood flow into bigger veins in the bottom left part of the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls coordination.

“suggestive of a Cognard type IV dural arteriovenous fistula” - This indicates the severity and type of the problem, according to a classification system used for these kinds of issues.

Yes, that translation of specific phrases looks ok to me. AI today does bring in information that is not factual, so I’d say it is always to be used with caution until the time that it becomes a reliable technology.

It may be that feeding it discrete phrases reduces its temptation to elaborate too far.

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