Vertigo - heightened by "brain-stuff"?

On 5/14 p.m., I had a sudden onset of vertigo while my husband & I were watching t.v.
I’ve gone to the ER, had my MRI w/contrast and both a local radiologist and my neuro say "no new bleeds."
Since the initial onset, the vertigo has improved somewhat, but causes unsteadiness while walking, so am primarily using my wheelchair (for safety’s sake.)
My neurologist is suggestive this is inner ear-related, with symptoms only heightened by “all my brain-stuff.”
Since my local medical community is inexperienced w/CM’s and has overlooked bleeds/changes in my films (several times!), I’m awaiting my NS review of my recent MRI to confirm no bleeds and have an appt. mid-July w/an ear, nose & throat dr.
Has anyone else been told their vertigo has been heightened by “brain stuff”???
Thanks, :slight_smile:

Oh Patti, I’ve never experienced a vertigo. I hope your goes away ASAP…

And I hope you NEVER do experience it, my friend!

As if we don't already have enough on our plates?? ;)

This is my first experience with it - ugh!

Am keeping my fingers crossed it will go bye-bye. :)

Hey there Patti

Sorry it's taken me so long to come back to you following your admiration of my baby Miss Daisy. Who is quickly becoming an international celebrity it seems!! I have tried a number of times but got so frustrated with the technology that I gave up. Not sure if it's me or this site or a combination of both that is the issue!

Ayway, so very sorry to hear that you are dealing with some unpleasant health issues just now. But good to know that no new bleeds have occured. You poor darling. Do try to take it easy Patti and anytime you want to chat drop me a line. I look forward to getting to know you.

Big hope you are feeling better soon hug.



I have after having treatment done on my avm experienced vertigo. Before I knew about it I really dont think or remember ever dealing with it. So I think its b/c of the avm. I only get it once in awhile not all the time. Good luck :wink:

Patti, I started experiencing vertigo a few months ago. It comes and goes now but was pretty constant for the first few weeks. I know it’s no fun. I had my follow-up MRI, etc. to confirm that my AVM was, in fact, gone. My neurologist too suggested it was inner ear related. Not really the ear itself, but the way my brain is communicating with the ear. Much like my vision loss has nothing to do with my eye, just the way my brain is communicating with my eye. I went through a bunch of different tests to rule out a number of issues, i.e. seizures and such. There is indeed nothing new wrong with me :slight_smile: It’s just my brain and I’m told I’m just gonna have to live with it. I did see a balanch therapist a few times to try to help with the unsteadiness that goes along with it. Wish I could say it helped, but it didn’t really. I’ll be curious to know what the ENT dr. says. My neurologist never suggested that for me. In the meantime, good luck and be careful. I tend to really get in to trouble when the vertigo hits!

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Thanks Anna, Andrea & Trish! :)

I was relieved to hear back from my NS office this morning and fortunately, he sees no new bleeds or changes and things look stable - sigh of relief! :) With my history it's had me on edge...

Trish, I'm sorry you've experienced it too! :( Did your dr. try you on meclazine? I tried it, but it didn't seem to help.

I'm hoping the vertigo will be gone before my ENT appt. mid-July!, but if not, will update you on what he says.

Thanks & hugs,