Visual Dark Spots


In the Canadians Newbie Thread you mention visual dark spots. Do you mind if I ask what yours are like?

I’ve got a few quite small dark / grey / out of focus darks spots that could be like a pixel on the TV not lighting up - but out of focus. I’ve been to see the optician and all through the hospital last year and given a clean bill of ocular health – perhaps some “floaters” but that’s it.

Let me know, if you wouldn’t mind.

Thanks, Richard

I am not Richard, but I had spots in my eyes before the AVM bleed and lost the left vision in both eyes. But that was in 1959. The vision has never changed. No more spots, but I am alive.


I have this problem mostly in my left eye in the upper left corner. Overall its my left peripheral thats the worst. And mine wasn’t caused from a bleed. I had a weird episode a few months ago where I got extremely weak and fell on my butt and my arms and tongue went numb and I had trouble speaking. They think it was seizure activity because I had major brain swelling. But no stroke or no bleed or anything. But ever since I have had trouble with my vision. Its very odd. My overall vision is slighly blurry. When the episode first happened I was even seeing double vision but that has gone away

Hi Richard,

It’s quite hard to explain. The dark areas in my vision were at my peripheral vision- particularly the right side.
Although, It has gone away completely and has returned back to normal. The only thing I experience from time to time are the “floaters” you speak talk about. They come and they go and they don’t bother me much. My doctor said he’s confident that as the brain continues to heal so will the floaters and not to worry.

One more thing I struggle with is reading numbers. It just takes me a moment to focus my eyes and i’ll get it- it just takes an extra second- but that has been another change I’ve noticed. I’m assuming that too will get better as the brain continues to heal.

All the best to you Richard in your journey! And sorry for the late response I don’t check my account here as much as I should.


Kitty, thanks. Don’t worry about not being here too often. It’s a good thing to balance life. Many thanks for your help.


Not a problem! Good luck on your recovery