Weather and seizures

Does weather effect your seizures? Seems rainy muggy days seem to bring out the worst in me.
I had an avm bleed as well as a stroke about a year ago. Will and how does stress effect me and my moods?
How bout these meds dialantin lamictal do they effect your mood and be tired?
I wake up in the morning and feel pins and needles on one side of my body. Seems like i have function but no feeling.

We were told fatigue, excess alcohol, and skipping meals could trigger seizures. Chari had a time of extreme stress, where she wasn’t eating or sleeping well, and that triggered some seizures.

Anti-seizure meds work in combination for good and not so good results. It is very common (I think) to experience fatigue, drowsiness, and lack of motivation–just wanting to SLEEP–with only one med. When you combine them, these symptoms can multiply until you either change med or your body acclimates to them. I’m sure each of those meds list drowsiness as a potential side effect.

If rainy, muggy weather stresses you or depresses you, that likely could at least affect your mood, increase your stress, and trigger a seizure. You might see what things you can change to maybe lessen the effects of rainy weather: More lighting, music, etc.

My understanding of the anti-S meds is that they control to the seizures to the point they don’t “break through”; they subdue the body so it doesn’t progress to a full blown S, but some impulses are still going to your muscles. That tingling you are feeling might be signs of a seizure trying to break through. I would ask your DR about it next time in. Chari could sometimes feel a tingling in arms/legs prior to a seizure event.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

I spent a little over a year on Dilantin, then tried a few different anticonvusants and ultimately settled on Keppra, which I have now been on for about 3.5 years. Pretty much any of the medications are going to alter your mood in some way or another. Like Ron said, you are most likely to noce these effects of the medication while your body is getting used to the foreign chemicals. However, with anticonvulsants, even once your body is used to the medication, you are never going to feel the same as if you were not taking the medication at all. The medication is essentially slowing down certain types of nerve impuleses to prevent the seiures from fully developing. As beneficial as this is, there are always going to be down sides, and since these medications are dealing directly with nerves and muscle movement you’re going to feel tired, lethargic, apathetic and so on. While many people are likely to think of the side effects of these medications as physical symptoms, they most certainly have an effect on mental and emotional well being. The brain is the biggest bundle of nerves in your body, so of course a medication designed to keep nerves from mis-firing is going to slow you down some.

As for changes in weather… YES! I don’t want to take anything away from Ron; it is certainly possible that rainy, muggy weather can lead to depression, but I think weather pays a lot larger role than just an influence on emotional state of mind, I have found that various types of weather cam also play a major role in physical symptoms. Not just rainy, foggy and other types of weather that are typically associated with feeling depressed, but anything from dry weather, to heat, to cold, to minor barometric changes can leave me feeling dizzy, more tired that usual, initiating headaches, etc. and the mental state of being is inconsequential.


No dispute from me that weather can/does impact more than moods. Just ask me in another few years about my trick knee and change in the weather. Seriously, you are right that it’s more than just mood.

Good input.
Ron, KS

I haven’t had my brain MRI just yet but we my family of 7 are in line for them right now kids are first son has AVMs in the lung not sure how many or size, I know that I myself, two of my sons have troubles on over cast days we get nauseated and migraine headaches, my 12yr old daughter recently started to say this is this way for her as well. I also seem to be very light sensitive as do two of my boys the ones that have troubles on over cast days.