Welcome New Members! -- early April

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well! I would like to take some time to welcome and introduce our new members.

@flowerpower1915 is from Illinois, U.S. and was diagnosed with a spinal fistula AVM in 2017 and has been treated with Therapy, Baclofen, and Gabapentin. She is still experiencing nerve, bladder, and fecal problems and has a spinal cord stimulation for leg nerve pain and Interim bladder implant to control bladder.@flowerpower1915 has asked if anyone has ever had two implants.

@Tedwards321 is from the Southeastern, U.S. and has a daughter diagnosed 6 months ago, she is scheduled for surgery in May. I hope @Tedwards321 is able to receive support and guidance throughout his daughter’s journey with AVM.

@sidwilly is from Ohio, U.S. and is diagnosed with a uterine AVM. After abnormal bleeding and severe pain following an IUD placement, she trusted her instincts as a healthcare provider and visited the ER after her symptoms worsened. An ultrasound and CT diagnosed a uterine AVM and she was treated with blood transfusions and an embolization of the uterine artery. The complications continued, as blood was discovered in her peritoneal cavity and her hemoglobin continued to drop drastically. She was then transported via lifeflight to another hospital, where she was found to also have a burst ovarian cyst. She was informed that the IUD, uterine AVM, and ovarian cyst were all unrelated but coincidentally caused complications all at once.

@dfaammons is from Georgia, U.S. and had a large, left brain AVM diagnosed in August of 2023 following migraine headaches, weakness and numbness on right side, beginning in July. She was treated via gamma knife at the end of March 2024.