Welcome New Members! -- early May

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I would like to take some time to welcome and introduce our new members.

@MeganG42 is a pelvic/uterine patient from Illinois, U.S. Following a D&C procedure, she hemorrhaged and went to the emergency room, where a Doppler ultrasound came back as suspicious for AVM and has since been confirmed by additional doctors. @MeganG42 has upcoming appointments for an MRI and interventional radiology to make a plan going forward.

@MOH is the parent of an AVM patient, from Sligo, Ireland. Their 13 year old son was diagnosed in March following a rupture. Surgery is too risky, and SRS is presumed to be the best option. @MOH wonders if anyone else had SRS in Dublin. I hope @MOH is able to find support and get some answers from the group.

@McLuke is a patient from Victoria, Australia. He had an AVM in the cerebellum, but he is determined to improve and get better.

@Ina1 is the relative of a patient from Warsaw, Polska. The patient has had a few embolizations. I hope @Ina1 is able to find information and comfort from the group as they continue to support their relative.

@aris is a patient from Jawa Timur, Indonesia. After suddenly fainting at work, getting taken to the hospital, experiencing convulsions, vomiting, and painful headaches, a CT scan showed bleeding in their head. @aris was diagnosed with a large AVM. To relieve headaches, a VP Shunt was installed. Approximately two months later, they were experiencing extreme pain again and began trying various treatments. After deciding on gamma knife therapy, @aris slowly started to get better. Due to challenges with travel and finances, @aris has decided not to check on the AVMpost gamma knife therapy to determine growth or shrinkage, but feels that they are no longer sick. They have started their new life post treatment, and hopes to find happiness with their family.