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I had a seizure on the 17 of September on 2006.Since then i don’t have another one.Now.How many of you had a seizure(the first one) and after how long had the second and etc.

Hi, Nikos- I had 3 major seizures right after the Gamma-Knife procedure 2 years ago. Since then I have tiny ones almost everyday. They aren’t enough to inhibit my life, they are more of an annoyance. I am very thankful they aren’t worse. I stay on anti-seizure meds all the time. Probably won’t stop until the AVM is gone, but even that is uncertain.
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Hi Nikos
Touch wood I have not had a seizure yet, and fingers crossed I never do. But i do feel for everyone else you has to try control them with medication.

Good for you Liam you are very strong.I just wanted to know that doctors told me somethink about a period of three years and i wanted to know that if someone had one seizure and if he had just one or two after three years period.On september it will be 2 years without seizure of course i dont know if during the operations or in the intensive care i had i haven’t heard nothing.Doctor told me there are thinks (during the hospital) that i will never learn.I cannot imagine what is he talking about

Dear Liam,

I think that your attitude to your seizures is commendable." I just brush myself down and get on with life!". What a wonderful perspective on what must be a terrible burden. You are to be congratulated, my friend. If only that attitude could be put into a bottle and sold; the world would be a better place for it.

It is people like you who made me want to do medicine. It is a pity that your doctors cannot do more for you, because you deserve more. It is good to have you back on this site - your contributions are immense.I only hope that someday soon you get the seizure control you undoubtedly deserve.

Yours in admiration,


I agree with Chris on how remarkable you are Liam. You are a role model for us and remind us that no matter how tough it gets you must keep going and live your life to the fullest. My seizures are controlled now being on three type of seizure meds (they took me of one so we will see how it goes) but until they found the right combination I was having them two to three times a week and I thought that was bad. You are amazing and such an encouragement to others.
xoxoxox Lee Ann

Hi Nikos,
I started having them a few month after surgery. They come and go! I have just learned to see the signs and act accordingly. LIVE with them i guess. Like the rest of the stuff. Mine are the frontal kid, so they don’t last long. But still one more thing to watch…and respond to! Just keep on keepin on!
Sending Angel light and love…d

I had once on the 17th of September of 2006 since then nothing 21 months now nothing.Is anyone like me?