What are you taking?

Hey guys… what are you taking medically. What are the things you do other than your medication? Do you stay away from certain food? Any food that had funny effect on you with your medication? Do you drink alot of water? Do you exercise? Gym?

I only have to take blood pressure medication once a day, although it’s not very well controlled (I suppose it’s early days yet). I was quite active before my bleed, but now don’t have any energy at all, and when I do exert myself my blood pressure starts raging. I’m putting on weight fast because I can’t exercise. I’m hoping this is a short term problem and my energy levels do come back, and my BP can be controlled a bit better.

I drink water (as much as I can stand, I hate plain old water) and take depakote and Klonopin. I have to get off one of these as its making it hard for me to wake up, I dont wake up to my kids anymore even when they stand over the bed and say Mom and I dont like that so I’ll be switching it up Thursday I hope.

2 Years older lucky thing, i’m retirement age Grrrr

tell me about it Loz was at docs a couple weks ago and he is not happy with me at all as but on nearl 3 stone since xmas
its the bloody boredom and not being active
but i have just picked up a leaflet for a free weeks trial for a ladies gym so intend to ytry that out next week after angio

Not on any meds (yet) so quite lucky that way and i eat like a housre now but think thats the boredom
What i wouldn’t ive for a nice steak but lost power on right side so can’t bite or chew meat so its chichen chicken chicken Zzzzzz

I take Avinza, Lexapro,Zonegan,and Hydromorphone (this one is for break through pain). I have to drink a lot of water as the narcotics cause wicked constipation. I’m a slug when it comes to exercise…I’m exhausted and falling asleep all the time.

Hi, Rhoda!
After 2 years I’m still on clonazepam (anti seizure med). I also take blood pressure meds to keep the risk of rebleed down while I’m waiting for the Gamma-Knife treatment to obliterate the thing.

I do excercise, moderately. No high strain stuff, aerobic is ok, but not weight lfting, for example…

I also went to see a naturopath who really helped me develop a diet that improved the fatigure issues.

Stay well!!!

Liam, What’s a GTN? I cut down alot of my food too… sometimes fatigue even tho just woke up from bed. then after i took my medication… i feel abit better… so i guess thats the problem…

i think i gain like 5 stones…lol

i have a hard time waking up too…i have to sleep at least 8 hrs else… ill make up for it later on in the day and sometimes the make up takes more time than i anticipated… so it sucks… a day just pass by like that.

I have low blood pressure in my system… it was never a problem till after surgery… nurses had to recheck and recheck again for my blood pressure… i had to bear the pain of being tied to hard…lol… and then ill tell them… actually i hav low blood pressure… so u see the relieve on their faces… is funny.

i do indoor cycling when im not being a slug (lol… connie)

i too get fatigue alot… now i wonder if everyone get fatigue alot…

Hey Rhoda, I am on Dilantin that was prescribed by my doctor. She also recommended that I take womens multi vitamins as well. When I first came out of hospital she recommended that I walk and swim - the only 2 forms of exercise I was allowed to do at the time. Now I am allowed to go to the gym and use a few of the machines there - but no heavy lifting. I’m also allowed to do boxercise. I was really active before I had my AVM and was devastated when my doctor told me I couldn’t play AFL or touch ever again. But you have to move on (something I’m still trying to do).

AFL? You play football? wow… My doc advised me not to swim anymore "( or climb trees…LOL. I ride the stationary bike at home. Accompany dad to walk the dog a couple of times and lots of fingers exercise here…lol

Correction… I used to play football. I miss it so much. I used to run a lot too and now I can’t do that and I can’t kick a football because you have to kind of run… it really sux

That will be easier…sprayin on the tongue… i hope it doesnt taste too bad.:slight_smile:

Don’t you get exercise on prescription where you live? Here if we discuss exercise with the GP they will prescribe a block of free sessions at a local gym, and then I think we can get half price sessions for a time after the free session have run out. The GP makes the referral and the gym contact us to make all the arrangements. It’s a thing they do to encourage people to start exercising.

Still recovering…5 weeks this Friday/Sat. They put me on Klonopin/Clonazepam, Remeron/(something I cant spell), and after 3 tries, I am now on Tegretol XR for anti-seizure. I am apparently extremely allergic to Dilantin and Keppra. Though I am having bad side effects from the Tegretol XR, (more personal/mood/irritating/etc not allergic) I was doing the best on the Keppra for all that. Oh well, just glad to be here. I have just been eating what I feel like, with cravings for some things, and some things I wouldn’t go near with a 10 foot pole that I loved before. Just been walking, well see what the follow-up says this Friday. A week early, since hell be out of town the week after.

I take lexapro, benicar, oxycodon, vicodin, excedrin, ibuprofen, lorazapam, anything that works. Mostly lexapro every day for depression / anxiety and benicar for blood pressure.

I used to be very active, now not so much. Try to go for walks and do stuff around the house but always very fatigue. Sometimes I get tired just walking up stairs, I feel like I am out of shape but I don’t think I am just sooo tired. I don’t understand it and my neuro surgeon doesn’t understand me. Glad to see I am not the only one.

right after the surgery of last year June/July (2007)…i was taking Keppra, lexapro, and something other,…

i stopped the keppra, and started the dilantin

stopped taking the dilantin, lexapro…and was recomended by this ‘all natural’ doctor who said that i should start ease up on the heavy prescribed meds (being young and all)…and take just pure supplements.
so thats what i’m doin.

Super Omega 3 EPA (basically, fish oils. they stimulate activity, and alertness)

Lecithin (Nervous and Circulatory Support)