What can i expect after gamma knife radiation

my 16 year old daughter is scheduled to have gamma knife radiation on dec 19th she was diagnosed in march of 2012 she has had focal seizures and left sided weakness and everything on left side is visibly smaller (foot, calf, fingers) she has double vision and the onsets of migranes. we started at akron childrens with an awesome neurosurgeon who specialized in surgery but recently retired but referred us to cleveland clinic to a neurosurgeon who specializes in gamma knife radiation. i just wanna be prepared for any side effects that might appear. she is very optimistic and excited and i am happy for her but really worried. so anyone who has been through this and can give me any info on side effects you have had..i know everyone is different but i would rather be prepared then suprised

Hi there,

I was 14 years old when I had my operation, I had a full open surgery (they didn't have gamma knife technology back then), so my situation may be different from your's and your daughters.

After my operation, I've enjoyed and continue to enjoy a great and wonderful life! Operations all carry some degree of risk, you should speak to your daughter's doctor about your concerns.

My type of procedure carried a certain level of risk, and I've read in some recent research that (for me) the risks from the surgery were about the same as the risks from the AVM, in the end I'm glad I went through with the operation, it was very much a life changing event for me.

I did have a complication - but not from the operation - it was from the angiogram afterwards to see whether they had removed the AVM. I had a small clot form, and as a result, I've lost some of the sight in my right eye.

It seems your daughter is already experiencing some difficulties now? Have you asked your doctor what kind of complications are possible? Perhaps the operation can give a chance of improving your daughter's quality of life?

I had the radiation when I was 16 years old. My major side effect was edema and increased weakness on left side.Then my doctor put me on steriods to help decrease the swelling, but being postive and optimistic helped me through the way. Now I am 24 years and I suffer minor weakness on my left side.

i had little or no side effects from gamma knife radiation (although my hair did fall out in a tiny circle form impact - but i could hide it really well!!)..

good luck to your daughter.. i'm nearly three years and almost avm free!!

Hi there my daughter had gamma knife nearly two years ago, she was also 16 years old. To be honest she didnt really have any side effects apart from feeling a bit rough the first week with headaches and sleeping alot. All the best to your daughter, keep positive xxxx

Lots of people have different side effects, but the most common one that I've heard is headaces,. I had a crainiotomy, but I've done lots of research since 2001 and that's what I've heard the most. She is young and will probably recover quickly. Sending lots of love and hugs to her and you.

I had gamma knife done on my 1.5 cm deep brain (basal ganglia) avm in January of 2014. My side effects have been fatigue and short term memory problems. I depend on my cellphone more than ever because thats where i schedule everything on my calendar app and put grocery list on my memo app. In the beginning, i had some weakness in my hands but that has gotten better.

My son had gamma at 7 and he is fine. It’s a quick procedure.