What happened to my dreams since taking Keppra?

I used to have very vivid dreams that I would remember when I woke up. I swear I fall right to sleep when my head hits the pillow. I do wake up several times a night but never remember any dreams at all. Why do I not remember them like I used to? Or am I just not dreaming?

Its one of those weird pointless questions I have.



Hi Robin,

I used to wake up almost every day with my dreams still within my head. I could recall most of the details, and I swear I they were "technicolor"... I couldn't imagine waking up and not recall dreams. After my AVM "bleed" my dreams were "gone" but I do sleep like a champ! Almost 6 years later, I finally am remembering some dreams some mornings. I have been off Kepra for over 5 years, so I can't blame the lack of dreams (or morning recall of dreams) on Kepra. Just a coincidence?


Hi KSUCAT Cat - I’m not on Keppra either, and I don’t remember hardly any of my dreams…I had about 3-4 vivid ones in the last 4.5 years. I, too, sleep “like a champ” - lol.

I read somewhere that we all dream, but we don’t always remember them and that we need to train ourselves to write them down ASAP…my issue is that there’s really nothing there to write down…maybe that’s the point.

For now, I’m happy that I can sleep.

I am like all of you too, always have very vivid dreams that I can remember. Heck, i can remember dreams i had 10 years ago!!

I am not on Keppra however after my brain bleed and subsequent surgery I noticed that for a few weeks my dreams seemed to stop. I was sleeping and still am sleeping like a champ too and my dreams are back and vivid which makes me feel like I have come back to some sort of normalcy in my life again.

In the book about Gabby Giffords right after her brain injury he husband asked her if she still dreamed and she shook her head no. He asked the doc about it and they said that becuase the brain is still so much of a mystery to us as is sleep and dreaming, they couldn't tell him why she wasn't dreaming. It could be that she was dreaming but the brain injury prevented her from remembering or maybe the brain was taking time to heel itself and was using the time sleeping to do that.

As for why you have noticed this after going on Keppra, it could ahve to do with the way that Keppra affects the chemistry in your brain. I know that certain antidepressants can cause vivid nightmares and eating certain foods like cheese before bed can cause vivid dreams. I guess Keppra has the opposite chemical effect on the brain.