What is a Brainlab MRI?

Hi all,

I've been told I'm having a Brainlab MRI the day before my craniotomy. Just looking for a little more info on how this differs (or whether it does) from a regular MRI? When I google it I come up with a bunch of corporate & doctor-related documents. Does this involve contrast die, or is it just another manufacturer of an MRI?

thanks for any help.

Hey Julie, I’ve never heard of it before either. I googled it as well - like you, I’m not sure if it’s just the manufacturer of the machine or a difference in the MRI process. As you learn more, please keep us in the loop. All the best on your craniotomy! :slight_smile:

Julie, Brainlab must be an efficient company, as they have gotten in touch with us to provide an explanation. Brainlab is a manufacturer of medical devices and related equipment and software and does not and cannot provide medical advice. You should always consult with your physician on treatment options and benefits and risks thereof.

"A Brainlab MRI means that your doctor would like to have a thin slice MRI. Presumably, he or she will then use this scan to "navigate" your procedure in the OR. Such scans can serve to help the surgeon know where he or she is in 3D space in your brain. The MRI can be acquired from virtually any scanner manufacturer as Brainlab's products can read virtually all of their scans."

For more details on Brainlab, for anyone who is interested, see this link: https://www.brainlab.com/surgery-products/overview-neurosurgery-products/cranial-navigation-application/.”

Thanks for the info! It looks like the surgeon will be able to use the data to match up with the program he uses during the surgery. That sounds good to me.


Seems like a good thing :) , Good luck and hope all goes well. Thanks.